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Is Brahmastra a hit or a flop? Remove confusion, this is the account of 22 days’ earnings

‘Brahmastra’ has completed three weeks journey at the box office. After 22 days, the film’s total earnings in all five languages ​​in the country has gone up to Rs 258.93 crore. Whereas in Hindi version it has earned Rs 231.59 crore till Friday. Three weeks after its release on September 9, for the first time, on the 22nd day, the film’s earnings have come down from crores to lakhs. The film’s director Ayan Mukerji had last reported the Worldwide Gross Collection (GBOC) of ‘Brahmastra’ at Rs 360 crore 10 days after the film’s release. Since then, no official figures have been released by the makers of the film regarding its earnings. But from social media to the people associated with the film world, there is a flood of claims to declare the film a hit and a superhit. Some are claiming that ‘Brahmastra’ broke the record of ‘The Kashmir Files’, while some say that the film even beat ‘KGF 2’. But what is the truth? In conversation with film industry experts, we thoroughly explored the maths of hits and flops of ‘Brahmastra’.

According to the experts of the film industry, the future of any film released at the box office is decided after the first weekend or at most the first week. But the struggle is still going on regarding the box office result of Brahmastra. While it has been three weeks since the release of the film. The real reason for this is that the makers of the film officially released its earnings in the Worldwide Gross Collection. Whereas in general the earnings of any Hindi film are released in the Nationwide Net Collection (NBOC). Initially, many film trade experts had also raised questions on this.

What is Net and Gross Earning Fund
100 crore club is now considered a measure of success in Bollywood. That is, if a film earns Rs 100 crore, then it is considered a member of this club. So far 100 Hindi films have done this feat. That’s why all the filmmakers try their best to bring their films to this club, so that their film gets popularity among the audience on this pretext. For this, instead of telling the nationwide net collection of the film many times, they loot accolades by telling the worldwide gross collection that it is included in the 100 or 200 crore club. It is a simple calculation, the total earning of any Bollywood film in India is called Nationwide Gross Collection. From this, after deducting the tax and other expenses on tickets, then the nationwide net collection is left, which is considered as the real earnings of the film.

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Difference Between Nationwide and Worldwide Collection
The film ‘Brahmastra’ has collected a gross of Rs 294 crore across the country three weeks after its release. Whereas its net collection after 22 days is Rs 258.93 crore. On the other hand, if we subtract Rs 27.34 crore from the dubbed version of the film in South languages, then ‘Brahmastra’ has collected around Rs 231.59 crore at the Hindi box office in the first three weeks. When the overseas collection i.e. the overseas earnings of the film is added to the nationwide collection, it is called Worldwide Collection. The same applies to the gross and net collections here as well. That is, the worldwide earnings of a film is called its worldwide gross collection. In the case of the film Brahmastra, after three weeks, it is being told about Rs 393 crore.

The cost and earnings of the film ‘Brahmastra’
(Film’s first three week earnings figures obtained from various sources)

brahmastra movie budget 410 crore
Brahmastra Hindi Net Collection 231.59 crore
Brahmastra Dubbed Version Net Collection 27.34 crore
Brahmastra Nationwide Net Collection 258.93 crore
Brahmastra Nationwide Gross Collection 294 crore
Brahmastra Overseas Gross Collection 99 crore
Brahmastra Overseas Net Collection 69 crore
Brahmastra Worldwide Net Collection 328 crore
Brahmastra Worldwide Gross Collection 393 crore

If taxes and other expenses are deducted from this worldwide collection, then it will be called the film’s worldwide net collection. Of course, this is the real earning of the film worldwide. However, the makers of ‘Brahmastra’ have not released this figure. But the experts of the film world believe that usually 25 to 30 percent of the gross collection can be reduced by reducing its net collection. The overseas gross collection of ‘Brahmastra’ is close to Rs 99 crore. If we reduce 30 percent of that, then the net overseas collection will be around Rs 69 crore. In this way, the worldwide net collection of ‘Brahmastra’ can be taken out by adding its nationwide net collection of Rs 258.93 crore and overseas net collection of Rs 69 crore, which works out to around Rs 328 crore.

How is a movie called a hit and a flop
‘Brahmastra’ is Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s first film together. Not only the producers of this film, but all the Bollywood people were upset about the non-working of Hindi films after Corona. In such a situation, while people had high expectations from this film made in the budget of Rs 410 crore, Bollywood’s most expensive film, there was also a fear of the ongoing Boycott trend against the film. But from the first week of the film’s release, it was declared included in the category of hits. At present, ‘Brahmastra’ is being told as successful. People are also giving it the title of hit on the basis of its worldwide gross collection of 393 crores. Industry experts say that if the budget of a film is Rs 100, then it can be considered a hit only if it makes a net collection of around Rs 125. If she makes a net collection of more than Rs 150, then she can be called a superhit. But ‘Brahmastra’, made in a budget of about Rs 410 crore, does not fit at all on this scale of hit or superhit. ‘Brahmastra’ worldwide net collection is currently around Rs 328 crore. Whereas for it to be called a hit, this figure had to be more than Rs 500 crore.

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cinemas should earn
Some people also say that ‘Brahmastra’ will earn around Rs 250 crores from the film’s music, satellite and OTT rights. In response to this, film pundits say that Bollywood films are made to be released on theatres, so the measure of their success is also their earnings on theatres. Therefore, the major business of a film’s earnings should come from theatrical revenue. If a major part of the film’s earnings is coming from music, satellite and OTT rights, then it cannot get the title of a hit. For example, if a film made in a budget of Rs 100 earned Rs 50 from music, satellite and OTT rights even before its release and later it also earns Rs 70 in cinemas, then despite its total earning of Rs 120, it is a hit. will not be considered. Hopefully, now you can guess for yourself that according to the earnings so far, in which category you would like to keep ‘Brahmastra’ a hit, superhit or a flop.

Box Office Collection of ‘Brahmastra’ (in all five languages)

first day Friday Rs 36.42 crore
second day Saturday Rs 41.36 crore
day 3 sunday Rs 44.8 crore
fourth day monday Rs 15.5 crore
5th day Tuesday Rs 12.50 crore
6th day Wednesday Rs 10.53 crore
7th day Thursday 9.00 crores
8th day Friday Rs 10.53 crore
9th day Saturday Rs 15.50 crore
10th day sunday Rs 16.30 crore
11th day monday 04.77 crores
12th day Tuesday 04.00 crores
13th day Wednesday Rs 03.57 crore
14th day Thursday 03.17 crores
15th day Friday Rs 10.79 crore
16th day Saturday 6.03 crores
17th day sunday 6.30 crores
18th day monday Rs 1.96 crore
19th day Tuesday Rs 1.88 crore
20th day Wednesday Rs 1.75 crore
21st day Thursday Rs 1.52 crore
22nd day Friday 70 lakh rupees
total earnings in all five languages Rs 258.93 crore

Total earnings of ‘Brahmastra’ in Hindi language so far

first day Friday 32 crores
second day Saturday 38 crores
day 3 sunday Rs 41.5 crore
fourth day monday Rs 14 crore
5th day tuesday Rs 11.25 crore
6th day Wednesday Rs 9.50 crore
7th day Thursday Rs 8.50 crore
8th day Friday Rs 9.75 crore
9th day Saturday Rs 14.00 crore
10th day sunday Rs 15.50 crore
11th day monday 04.50 crores
12th day Tuesday 03.50 crores
13th day Wednesday 03.40 crores
14th day Thursday 03.18 crores
15th day Friday Rs 10.07 crore
16th day Saturday Rs 5.95 crore
17th day sunday 6.22 crores
18th day monday Rs 1.85 crore
19th day Tuesday Rs 1.65 crore
20th day Wednesday Rs 1.50 crore
21st day Thursday Rs 1.35 crore
22nd day Friday Rs 0.56 lakh
gross in hindi language Rs 231.59 crore



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