Is Sunil Shetty insecure with the success of Akshay Kumar-Ajay Devgan? Anna gave interesting answer

Mumbai. Sunil Shetty The stage at which they are today is the result of their hard work. Today he is one of the top actors of Bollywood. Let us tell you that Sunil Shetty started his career in the early 1990s with the big stars of the industry including Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn. With Akshay Kumar, Sunil did films like ‘Mohra’ to ‘Hera Pheri’ franchise, ‘Dhadkan’. At the same time, films like ‘Dilawale’, ‘Qayamat’, ‘LOC: Kargil,’ ‘Blackmail’ and ‘Cash’ were done with Ajay Devgan. Whenever this pair came on the box office, it won the hearts of the audience. Although it is often speculated that after working with Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan, Sunil Shetty has always been insecure about the success of both. Now the actor reacted to such things and told what he feels about Akshay.

Let us tell you that Sunil Shetty is counted among such actors for whom long queues were made in theaters to see. Sunil Shetty was always liked for his acting, style and special style of speaking dialogues. Apart from these, there is one more thing that makes Sunil Shetty different from other actors. Although he is very busy with his upcoming project right now.

Never been insecure about Akshay Kumar
In a conversation with ‘Bollywood Life’, Suniel Shetty talks and reveals about the dark phase in his acting career. Along with this, he also told that he never felt insecure about the tremendous success of his co-star Akshay Kumar.

Sunil Shetty never takes pressure
According to the report, Sunil Shetty said that he never takes pressure and he is absolutely fit and comfortable in his place. He said, ‘It is because I do not take pressure. I have such a beautiful world of mine that I think they might have missed it. I don’t know when it comes to many things I am happy. I have done and am doing in my life. I’ve always been very comfortable in my space. Success and failure are based on films.

Success of co-stars always motivated
Further in the conversation, Sunil Shetty said that he was never insecure of the success of his co-stars, but his co-stars always motivated him. He said, “I am not insecure. Akshay Kumar inspires me. Ajay Devgan inspires me. Not necessary for films, but if you stay focused, you can achieve anything else. Maybe I was not focused when I was working. Maybe I didn’t pay attention to it. The script I was hearing or I believed was larger than life. It is a mistake.

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