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It is not easy for anyone to meet Alia Bhatt-Ranbir’s beloved, these special conditions of the couple have to be accepted

New Delhi: The fans of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are getting desperate to see the first image of their baby girl. He has not shared any photo of the daughter on social media yet, but meeting her daughter is also not going to be easy for anyone, because those who come to meet will have to follow some rules, only then it will be possible to meet Alia Bhatt’s beloved.

Alia Bhatt came home after being discharged from the hospital on November 10, four days after the birth of her daughter. Then the paparazzi tried hard to get the first glimpse of the couple’s daughter, but they could not succeed. Some pictures definitely went viral on social media, which claimed that it was the photo of Alia’s daughter, but they were all false pictures.

Alia Bhatt put special conditions in front of those who met her
Apart from the fans of the couple, all the stars of the film world want to get a glimpse of Alia’s daughter and are making up their mind to meet her. Alia and Ranbir also know this very well, so they have put some conditions in front of those who come to meet the baby girl. According to media reports, the couple does not want the picture of their princess to come in front of the media in any way.

Kovid-19 report will have to be shown before meeting the daughter
Alia and Ranbir have decided that those who come to meet their daughter will not be allowed to click their photos. Since newborns are more prone to getting infected, people will have to show a certificate of Covid-19 test before meeting the baby.

Alia-Ranbir’s special appeal to friends and media
Anyone will be able to meet him only if the Kovid-19 report is negative. Until the couple’s daughter turns one year old, everyone will have to follow these rules. He has requested friends and media persons to follow these rules. Alia’s daughter was born on 6 November.

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