It was not easy to make the first film, had to direct 2 films in 7 lakhs, today they rule Bollywood

New Delhi: Anurag Basu came to Delhi as an advertising professional. But today he is a well-known director of Bollywood. Anurag says that coming to Delhi was a big deal for me because of growing up in the small town of Bhilai… You will be surprised to know that he started directing films in the early part of his career for a very low fee.

Anurag Basu’s journey has also been very interesting. When Anurag started doing theatre, during this time he started working on all three things, acting, writing and directing. Then later when he came on TV, he made up his mind to work on direction and camera work. Before making his mark in the film world, Anurag Basu directed many episodes of TV serials. During this, he used to become so busy in his work that many times he could not reach home and thus 7-8 years passed in no time. His hard work paid off and one day he got a chance to direct the film with Mukesh Bhatt.

When Jitendra had locked 2 actresses in the same room, yet the stubbornness did not break, when the door was opened after hours…

Anurag Basu disclosed
Mukesh Bhatt gave Anurag Basu the chance to direct his first film. In the year 2020, Anurag had told in one of his interviews to Mid Day that when he worked with Mukesh for the direction of ‘Saya’ and ‘Murder’, he got only Rs 7 lakh for directing two films. Means only 3.5 lakhs for a film. In fact, during that time Anurag told Mukesh Bhatt that he would charge a fee of Rs 7 lakh for directing a film while the producer had got him to direct both the films for Rs 7 lakh. However, Anurag said in this matter, ‘I was an outsider and was learning many things. I would have done this work for him even without money.

The producer himself had also disclosed
After a long time, Mukesh Bhatt had mentioned this in one of his interviews given to Bollywood Hungama on the occasion of his birthday. Recalling this, he had said, ‘I don’t remember the fees I paid at that time (to Anurag Basu. But this was the fee at that time, isn’t it?) He said about Anurag that at that time he There were new directors and I was giving break. Then John Abraham was also a newcomer. We gave him a break in ‘Jism’ (2003) and ‘Saaya’ was his next film. What recovery can you not expect.

Let us tell you that today Anurag Basu is especially known for his different kind of films. In his career, he has directed many such films like Saya (2003), Murder (2004), Tumsa Nahi Dekha (2004), Gangster (2006), Life in a Metro. who cast a spell on people. There was a time in the director’s life when Anurag Basu was suffering from leukemia (cancer). Anurag came to know during the birth of his first child that he was suffering from leukemia. Anurag defeated this serious disease with his courage. Anurag Basu is married to his girlfriend Tani and they have two daughters Ishana and Ahana.

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