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‘It’s not the time of goodness…’ Deepika was about to fall, the person saved her, but her eyes started watering!

A saying is very famous – the era of goodness is no more. This proverb is being spoken a lot these days for TV actress Deepika Kakkar, because she has done something like this. Deepika had recently attended an event where she tripped and was about to fall. Then the person standing near him caught him and saved him from falling. Instead of saying thank you to that person, Deepika started showing her eyes. Now this video is going viral on social media. People are reacting to this and saying that ‘Now is the time of goodness!’

Dipika Kakar Video recently attended the Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Awards. She attended the event with husband Shoaib Ibrahim. The couple was looking very good in black color pair. When Deepika started returning from the event, this incident happened with her.

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Dipika Kakar stumbles

Deepika suddenly staggered while walking. She was about to fall. Only then the person walking with him held him. Here Deepika should have said thank you to that person, but people are also stunned to see the reaction of the actress. Instead of thanking her, Deepika started showing her eyes.

Users are giving such reactions

Dipika Kakar

This is the reaction of people after seeing Deepika’s attitude

This video of Deepika went viral on seeing it. People are giving different reactions on this. One wrote, ‘You try to be so good in the vlog and in real life you only show your eyes to those who want to help. Wow what an attitude madam… It would have been fun if she had kept the same style in the vlog.’ Another wrote, ‘This is its real face…’

Sister-in-law was busy in Saba’s marriage
Deepika was in headlines a few days back for her sister-in-law Saba Ibrahim’s marriage. He designed all the outfits of the bride. He also prepared the clothes of the family. However, due to this Deepika had to listen a lot, because people did not like Saba’s look.



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