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Jabalpur: The thief folded his hands and held his ears and asked for forgiveness from God, then took away the donation box of the temple

Report : Abhishek Tripathi

Jabalpur. You must have heard many tales of theft and the exploits of thieves, but in Jabalpur some such method of theft was seen, which you may have never heard about before today. Let us tell you about the whole incident of this strange theft.

Another name of Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh is also Sanskardhani. But there is more than one thief in this culture, whose tales you will be surprised to hear, a CCTV video of such a vicious thief is becoming fiercely viral. Let me tell you, this thief drives in his own car, it is worth mentioning that the act of this thief was captured in a camera installed in Hanumanji’s temple, in which this mask is covered.

First asked for forgiveness from God, then took away the donation box

Let me tell you that whoever heard or saw this incident was stunned. Actually the thief was seen praying with folded hands first. After that, he was touched by the donation box kept in the temple. Although in this picture the thief is wearing a mask. For this reason, you may not be able to recognize the thief, but you will definitely know his handiwork. It rides in a car, travels during the day and at night, where it gets the chance, carries out the theft in new ways. This time the CCTV footage of his handiwork became very viral in which he was seen praying with folded hands in the temple before the theft.

This incident happened a day before Diwali.

A day before Diwali in Hanuman temple, people were busy in worshiping Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, when a high profile thief stole the donation box kept in the temple. The thief had so much reverence for God that as soon as he reached the temple, he took off his shoes outside, then entered inside. He also apologized to God. After that take away the donation box. This incident happened late Saturday night at 2 pm.

Information about the incident that happened on the second day

This information came on the second day when the local Ajay Dubey reached the temple and saw that the donation box kept in the temple was missing. After this he told others also. Then everyone lodged the case in the police station. After that CCTV footage was seen with the police and it was found that the thief had stolen the donation box, the police said that a thorough investigation is going on on this.

Laxmi temple was targeted three months ago

It is noteworthy that three months ago in Jabalpur, donation boxes were stolen in the Lakshmi Mata temple. Here the thief had cleverly entered the temple of Lakshmi Mata and very calmly took away 3 donation boxes without making any sound. Here too the thief had completely covered his face.

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