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Jaya Bachchan told granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda the pain of the past, sanitary pads had to be changed behind the bushes


Jaya Bachchan talks about the difficulties of changing sanitary pads.
Where should there be period leave, men have to understand this.

Mumbai. “When we were out for a shoot, we didn’t have a van. We had to change clothes behind the bushes. Sanitary tree too. This is to say of veteran actress Jaya Bachchan. Jaya recently made this disclosure on the podcast ‘What the Hell Navya’ of her granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda. These things of Jaya are becoming increasingly viral on social media.

The podcast of Navya Naveli Nanda remains in constant discussion. Recently, Jaya Bachchan spoke openly on the shooting of her old days. Jaya told that in the past it used to be very difficult to do outdoor shooting.

used to take home in a plastic bag
Jaya Bachchan has put forward the problems of film shooting in the olden days. Jaya said, ‘When there was outdoor shooting, we did not have a van. In such a situation, we had to change clothes behind the bushes for the shot. When Jaya said this, Navya asked, ‘Sanitary pads?’. On this Jaya said, ‘Everything, there were no proper washrooms. We had to change it behind the trains. It was quite embarrassing.

Had to change 3-4 napkins: Jaya

Jaya Bachchan further said, “3-4 napkins had to be changed, they were kept in a plastic bag and kept in a basket so that they could be thrown away at home. Can you imagine how awkward it was to sit with 3-4 towels. Now that’s all, it is pasted. Earlier the towel had to be tied with a belt and it was all very bad.

Must have period leave
During the conversation, Jaya also justified period leave. Jaya said, ‘Many people are against period leave. Women should get a day or two off. Even if work is done in return for this, when they feel good. Men have to understand this. Many women also do not understand this, they also have to understand this.

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