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Jitendra’s girlfriend, film shooting and Rekha’s statement – I am infamous, I have a rotten past

Rekha, one of the best actresses of Bollywood, had made such a bold image for herself in those days, not only through her films but also through her statements, which was not easy for everyone to digest. It is said that he even said to himself that I am not just an actress but a notorious actress with a rotten past and who is famous for being crazy about sex. In those days, Rekha was working in about 25 films and that too in double shifts, which today’s actresses can’t even imagine. In those days, the news of Rekha and Jitendra’s romance was also making headlines, then something happened during the shooting of the film ‘Anokhi Ada’ that Rekha’s eyes were filled with tears.

Rekha had said- You cannot come very close to a man if…
Rekha then left no stone unturned to grab headlines because of her bold statements along with films. Yasir Usman has also mentioned a similar statement of her in the book written for Rekha. He wrote that Rekha said in an interview, ‘You can’t get very close to a man if you don’t have sex with him.’ Due to many such statements, Rekha was creating such an image for herself, from which it was not so easy to get out.

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Jeetendra was Rekha’s first co-star who was an A-list actor.
Producer BN Ghosh signed Rekha for his film Ek Bechara (1972), with Jeetendra in the lead. With this, Jitendra was the first co-star of Rekha who was of A-list i.e. before that he had worked only with B-list actors. Then there was a different craze not only among the fans but also among the actresses about Jitendra and one of them was Rekha, who came close to him along with the shooting of the film.

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Rekha felt love and respect for the first time
It is said that as soon as the shooting of the film started in the snowy plains of Shimla, the stories of Rekha and Jitendra’s romance started getting heard. However, the discussion was such that Jitendra has promoted his closeness to Rekha. You will be surprised to know that earlier Rekha was used to make fun of in the industry but Jitendra started talking to her very politely. Yasir Usman has even written in his book that after these closeness, Rekha felt love and respect for the first time and her eyes used to have a different sparkle on seeing Jitendra. Their friendship, which began on the sets of Shimla, continued even after returning to Mumbai. Along with this, the series of long drives to dinner dates also continued. Rekha had also started talking openly about her closeness to Jeetendra, which is rarely seen in the industry and even today stars run away from discussing their personal lives.

Was careless about shooting and also lacked discipline
It is also said here that Rekha had a bad habit that she was careless towards shooting and also lacked discipline. In such a situation, it used to be very difficult for the makers to handle Rekha immersed in romance. Well, after this both were signed in a new film ‘Anokhi Ada’ (1973) and then a twist in their love angle came with Jeetendra’s girlfriend Shobha. Shobha was an air hostess by profession and she had completely made a place in Jitendra’s heart. Because of this, quarrels started between Jitendra and Rekha and then gradually the actress realized that Jitendra and Rekha have only timepass relations left between them.

After which Rekha burst into tears in the make-up room.
The bitterness of the relationship between the two was clearly visible to everyone even on the sets of the film ‘Anokhi Ada’. It is said that once there was a fierce fight between the two on this set. After this, in front of some junior artists, Jitendra said something to Rekha which brought tears to her eyes. It is said that Jitendra had told his opinion for Rekha to that junior artist. There is a buzz that the actor used the word timepass for Rekha, after which Rekha burst into tears in the make-up room. The relationship of love between the two had now ended, in such a situation it became very difficult to capture romantic scenes. It is said that the shooting of this film was completed just like that and after the shooting, both of them used to turn their faces away from each other as if they did not recognize each other.

Rekha had said- I hate that man
In this book, there is also mention of Rekha’s interview, in which she narrated her pain in words after breaking her heart with Jitendra. Rekha had said in her interview, ‘I hate the man who ruined the ideals in my heart since childhood about love, romance and marriage.’



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