Jodi was a super hit with Rajesh Khanna, then why did Sharmila Tagore stop doing films together, the reason will surprise you

New Delhi: Rajesh Khanna entered Bollywood after winning a talent hunt show. He entertained the audience with hit films like ‘Kati Patang’, ‘Safar’ and ‘Daag’. Apart from his beautiful looks, his cheerful style was very much liked by the audience and he was fondly called ‘Kaka’ of the people. The audience had seen her sharing screen space with many actresses, but her pairing with Sharmila Tagore was a superhit in the 70s, but later the actress stopped working with Rajesh Khanna.

Sharmila had given the reason for this in a conversation with ‘Audible’ on Rajesh Khanna’s death anniversary. He had said, ‘The thing about Kaka that impressed me the most was his late arrival on the set. They didn’t reach before 12 o’clock for the 9 o’clock shift, so I made up my mind to work with other actors even though I knew our pairing was successful. Sharmila and Rajesh Khanna had worked together in films like ‘Aradhana’, ‘Amar Prem’ and ‘Safar’.

Rajesh Khanna was the first superstar of Bollywood.

The actress told that Rajesh Khanna’s stardom was such that women aged 9 to 90 used to stand in line outside the studio to see him. The more dazzling Rajesh Khanna’s film career was, the more there was emptiness in his personal life. He married Dimple Kapadia in 1973 at the peak of his career, but they separated in 1982 after about 9 years.

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Rajesh Khanna married Dimple Kapadia in 1973.

Actually, Rajesh Khanna did not want Dimple to work in films after marriage. Initially, Dimple agreed to him, but after a few years there was a desire to work in films, which became the reason for their separation. The couple has two daughters – Twinkle Khanna and Rinke Khanna. Rajesh Khanna died on 18 July 2012 due to cancer.

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