‘Joyland’ banned in Pakistan will now be released in India, date revealed, entry in Oscar Award

New Delhi- The film ‘Joyland’, directed by Pakistani director Saim Sadiq, has been embroiled in controversies since its inception. This Pakistani film was banned by the government there citing objectionable content. However, later, after the sting of this film was played all over the world, the Pakistani government came under pressure and lifted the ban on it. Let me tell you, this film is the official entry of Pakistan in the Oscar Awards. Now this film is going to be released in India soon.

Recently, while sharing the poster of the film on social media, the makers of the film have announced its release date in many countries including India. ‘Joyland’ is going to hit theaters in India on 10 March. Sharing the release date of the film, the makers write, “We are very excited to share this film with audiences across the world.”

The film attracted the attention of the whole world by winning the Jury Award at the 75th ‘Cannes Film Festival 2022’. Let me tell you, this is the first Pakistani film to be premiered in this film festival. This film was liked by the whole world and everyone praised this film on social media.

There was a ruckus before the release-
There was a lot of hue and cry in Pakistan regarding Sam Sadiq’s film ‘Joyland’. The film was scheduled to release in theaters on November 18 and had already received the certificate from the Censor Board. But this film was strongly opposed by some people in Pakistan, citing which the Pakistani government had banned this film.

This ban was reviewed in view of the uproar on social media and criticism of the government. After removing some scenes from the film, the ban on the film was lifted just two days before the scheduled release date.

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