Juhi’s heart fell on married Anoop Soni, Prateik-Arya fought with Raj Babbar, then celebrated like this

Mumbai. Juhi Babbar, daughter of veteran artist Raj Babbar, and Anoop Soni have a love marriage. Both have second marriage. Raj Babbar was not ready for Juhi and Anoop’s marriage. For this, Juhi adopted a trick by which her father agreed to marry her. Juhi disclosed this in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. In the latest episode of the show, Juhi Babbar arrived with her two brothers Arya Babbar-Prateik Babbar and Papa Raj Babbar. In a candid chat with Kapil Sharma, Juhi Babbar opened up about her married life with TV actor Anup Soni.

Kapil Sharma joked a lot about Anoop Soni and his popular show ‘Crime Patrol’. He said, “Juhi Babbar has caught that person, Anoop ji who used to speak Aakar on TV everyday, be careful, be careful. The person who gets big criminals arrested, has come under their arrest. Whatever they say, be careful, be careful, were you careful before or did you become after marriage?

On this question of Kapil Sharma, Juhi Babbar jokingly said, “By the way the show, which is regular, happened only after marriage.” Kapil again said that Juhi’s father’s house and her father-in-law’s house are 5 minutes away. When Juhi is in her father’s house, Anoop must be alert. After this, Kapil asked another funny question that how did he convince his father to marry Anup Soni?

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On this, Juhi Babbar said that she first introduced Anoop to her brothers Arya and Prateek. Later, he fought with Papa (Raj Babbar) to get her married to Anoop. To this Prateik Babbar reacted, “We only fought with father for Anoop.”

Let me tell you, both Anoop Soni and Juhi Babbar had their second marriage. In the year 2011, both of them got married. Anoop was divorced from his first wife Ritu Soni in the year 2010. While Juhi separated from script writer Bijoy Nambiar after two years of marriage. According to the reports, Anoop and Juhi had started loving each other, only then they broke the first marriage.

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