Kamal Nath’s praises to those who leave the party, said – will not celebrate but will send BJP by their car

Bhopal. PCC Chief Kamal Nath has once again given a clear cut message to the leaders leaving the party. In response to a question asked in a press conference at the PCC headquarters on Sunday, Kamal Nath said that if someone goes to the Congress, does it mean that the Congress is over? We don’t want to stop anyone who has to go. If anyone feels secure in his future in BJP, then I will give him my motor car. I will not go to persuade anyone. Let us tell you that even before this, Kamal Nath has made it clear in the meeting convened for the preparation of Mission 2023 that the leaders who want to leave the party can go.

BJP retaliated

Politics has also started regarding this statement of Kamal Nath. BJP has retaliated on Kamal Nath’s statement. BJP State General Secretary Bhagwandas Sabnani said that the Congress party is passing through a period of desperation. Congress leaders are feeling insecure. There is neither leader nor intention nor leadership in Congress. Congress people want to leave there due to restlessness. Kamal Nath is taunting such people.

leaders leaving congress

In fact, the process of departure of leaders from Congress continues continuously. Apart from the leaders who came together with Jyotiraditya Scindia, the leaders are also leaving the party. Recently Arunoday Choubey, a former Congress MLA and close aide of Kamal Nath, also announced to leave the party. Questions were being raised about this. However, if Kamal Nath is to be believed, Arunoday Choubey was continuously making anti-party statements and he was already expelled from the party.

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