Kangana Ranaut’s film made in 100 crores, could not earn 2 crores, distributor said – return 6 crores

Bollywood’s ‘Panga Queen’ i.e. Kangana Ranaut remains in the headlines for her outspoken words with her films. The film was released in theaters on 10 September 2021. He had also promoted the film vigorously, but people did not like Kangana Ranaut in the character of ‘Jayalalitha’ at all and the film fell flat at the box office and now the distributor has increased the tension by saying that he has to pay damages. Needed. We tell you what is the matter.

Kangana Ranaut has lashed out at Bollywood stars for her film ‘Thalaivi’, now money has been demanded from the producers to make up for the loss of the same film. Worldwide distributor Zee clearly told the film producers to return Rs 6 crore to them.

Film made in 100 crores, could not earn 2 crores
‘Thalaivi’ was made in a budget of 100 crores, not 20-30. The makers had high hopes from the film. But the film was not able to recover even half the amount. On the first day of its release, the film earned barely Rs 22 lakh across the country. Talking about the life time collection, it could not even touch the figure of 2 crores. According to reports, the film had grossed only Rs 1.91 crore in total across the country.

Distribution company said – return 6 crores
According to a report in Times of India, the distribution company Zee had given Rs 6 crore for the distribution rights of this film. Who could not earn his money. Now the distribution company has sent a letter to the production company demanding to return the money through email, to which they have not received a reply. It is being said that the company can approach the court against it, because it has been more than one and a half years since the film was released. Even the distributors and producers of Kangana’s film ‘Dhaakad’ have not been able to recover their losses.

When Kangana targeted Bollywood
Remind you that for this film, Kangana had lashed out at Bollywood celebs, because they did not praise the film. Calling Bollywood stars ‘Bollywood Mafia’, he wrote, ‘I am waiting for Bollywood mafias, they keep aside our political and ideological differences, I do not find it difficult to appreciate a good art. May be they too rise above their petty human emotions and let an art win. Thalaivi.

‘Emergency’ Kangana’s next film
Talking about the work front, Kangana’s next film is ‘Emergency’, which she is directing herself. This film is a story during the Emergency in India in the year 1977, in which Kangana is going to be seen in the role of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

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