Kareena’s onscreen sister struggled with fire for 45 minutes, people thought she was making April Fool, then saved her life

New Delhi: On the day of April Fool, everyone remains in the mood of joking with each other. But once this day was very difficult for Tanaaz Irani, a well-known actress of TV and films. Actually, years ago, on the day of April 1, there was a fire in the house of Tanaz and Bakhtyar, but because of April Fool, no one believed their words. Both faced a lot of difficulties for the whole 45 minutes. Let’s know what was the whole matter. Are.

Today, even though Tanaaz Irani is a little far from films or TV. But there was a time when Tanaaz was always seen in films as the sister or friend of the lead artist of the films. Actress Tanaaz has not been seen anywhere for a long time now. But on this day years ago, an accident happened in his house. That too on April Fool’s day where everyone is seen in a mood of joking with each other. In such a situation, when she told this thing to her relatives, no one was ready to listen to her, everyone thought that she was joking.

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When the pain of Tanaz was spilled
Tanaaz had said this a long time ago during one of her interviews. He had told, ‘I and Bakhtyar were sleeping in the room. Loud screams started coming from a person working in the house who was present in the room with the children. I stood up at the same time and I immediately told Bakhtyar, look what happened, when he came back after seeing there, his condition was also very bad. Both he and I were shocked to see such a fire in the house. For some time I did not understand what to do. The people around also tried to extinguish the fire. The fire brigade also came on time. The fire was brought under control in about 45 minutes. But when I told this to my family and friends, no one believed us. Everyone felt that we were making him an April Fool.

Played important roles in films and TV
Tanaaz and Bakhtyar tied the knot in the year 2007. Tanaaz has worked with many big stars in her acting career. His character in films was always based around the story. He may not be the lead but his character is strong. Talking about Tanaj’s films, Tanaj has played many strong characters in films like ‘Had Kar Di Aapne’, ‘Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon’, ‘Kuch Na Kaho’ and ’36 China Town’. Talking about the same TV serials, she also appeared in ‘Shri’, ‘Swabhiman’ and ‘Meri Biwi Wonderful’.

Please tell that there is a very good bonding between Tanaaz and Bakhtyar. In the year 2006, both of them met on the set of the show Fame Gurukul. Both fell in love with each other and decided to get married. But Bakhtiyar’s family was not happy with this marriage because Tanaz is 8 years older than him. For the marriage of both, Bakhtiyar’s sister and actress Delnaaz Irani persuaded her family for this marriage and on March 16, 2007, both got married. Tanaaz’s husband Bakhtyar is also a well-known actor in the world of TV.

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