Kashmir Files row: IFFI’s 3 jury members came in support of Nadav Lapid, said ‘artistic view’

Mumbai. The statement of Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid at the International Film Festival of India is still in headlines. Lapid had described ‘The Kashmir Files’ as a propaganda film. Since then the controversy had started. Now Lapid’s fellow jury members have also supported his statement. BAFTA winner Jinko Gotoh, who is a member of this jury, supported Lapid’s statement. Goth has written his point supporting Lapid. Goth is joined by fellow jury members Pascal Chavance and Javier Angulo Barturen.

To whom Goth has kept his point through Twitter. Those who have written that we are with them in the statement given by Nadiv Lapid during the closing ceremony of the festival regarding the 15th film ‘The Kashmir Files’. Goth wrote, ‘We are not doing any kind of politics regarding the content of the film. This is our artistic vision. It is very sad for all of us that this festival is being used as a political and personal attack. Such a jury never had any intention.

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This was said by Lapid…
Goth quoted Lapid’s statement before writing his own. Lapid had said, ‘We are all perplexed and surprised to see the 15th film ‘The Kashmir Files’. Seeing this, we realized that it is a vulgar propaganda film. Also it is not suitable to compete in the arts section.

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