‘Kisi ki nazar na lage’, Guru Randhawa shared photo with Rishabh Pant, fans commented like this

Guru Randhawa Rishabh Pant Photo: Popular singer Guru Randhawa recently met Indian team’s star cricketer Rishabh Pant. He has posted a photo of this meeting on social media, in which Rishabh Pant’s condition is improving after the accident. This picture is becoming fiercely viral on the Internet. Sharing a photo with Rishabh Pant, Guru Randhawa has lavished a lot of love on him and has told him to return very soon.

Guru Randhawa shared a photo with Rishabh Pant

Guru Randhawa has posted a picture of himself on his Instagram account, in which he is seen with cricketer Rishabh Pant. Along with this, he has shared a heart touching note. Guru Randhawa wrote in the caption, ‘It is a pleasure to see Rishabh Pant Bhai coming back with more strength. Growth every day. Love you brother. Fans are reacting to this post of Guru Randhawa and are praying for Rishabh Pant’s speedy recovery.

Fans made such comments on the photo

The process of commenting on the photo of Rishabh Pant and Guru Randhawa has started. One user wrote, get well soon. Another commented, Tayar Rishabh get well soon game mein maja nahi raha raha hai. At the same time, another user wrote, Tawau kisi ki nazar na lagate. This is how fans are reacting to the picture of Guru and Rishabh.

Rishabh Pant had an accident last year

Significantly, on December 30 last year, Rishabh Pant had a terrible car accident on the Delhi-Dehradun highway, in which he was badly injured. His car was badly damaged. However, Rishabh Pant often keeps giving information related to his recovery to the fans through photos and videos on Instagram.

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