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Lagaan’s Lakha used to sell colors and crackers to feed the family, Yashpal Sharma has won 3 National Awards

Do you remember ‘Lakh’ from the movie ‘Lagaan’? The same Lakha, who betrayed his own team for his unrequited love for Gauri. This character was played by actor Yashpal Sharma. Yashpala Sharma was everywhere in this character. After this film, Yashpal Sharma was flooded with film offers. Today Yashpal Sharma is not only an actor but also a director. Not only this, two of his films have also received National Award.

But even Yashpal Sharma’s journey was very difficult. From selling Holi colors to National Award winning films, Yashpal Sharma’s journey is extremely inspiring. Know the story of Yashpal Sharma reaching the floor from the floor to the ‘Monday Motivation’ series of Navbharat Times Online.

Difficult childhood, inspirational journey

Born in a middle-class family in Hisar, Haryana, Yashpal Sharma’s early life was very difficult. Yashpal Sharma was fond of acting since childhood and so along with studies, he started participating in small programs. Yashpal Sharma actively participated in Ramlila during Dussehra. The passion for acting brought Yashpal Sharma to the National School of Drama and then from here to Mumbai.

Yashpal Sharma in Lagaan, Photo: YouTube

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Childhood in poverty, sometimes sell colors and sometimes firecrackers
But before that Yashpal Sharma and his family saw very bad days. Just understand that Yashpal Sharma’s childhood was spent in extreme poverty. The financial condition of the family was such that Yashpal Sharma had to work from class VIII itself to support the family. Yashpal Sharma was made aware of what are the responsibilities, circumstances made Yashpal Sharma in his childhood and also made him wise ahead of time. Perhaps this was the reason that at the age in which children play and play, Yashpal Sharma started working from that age and never asked for money from the family members.

lagaan lakha

Yashpal Sharma as Lakha in Lagaan, Photo: Twitter

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Worked in a jewelery shop on a monthly salary of Rs 300
Yashpal Sharma would do whatever work he could get to support himself as well as the family. He would sell colors during the festival of Holi and then sell crackers on the festival of Diwali. The income that was earned would support the family. No work is small or big and Yashpal Sharma kept this thing in mind not only during his Struggle days but also in his film career. There was a time when Yashpal Sharma was working in a jewelery shop. Then he used to get only 300 rupees a month. But Yashpal Sharma does not get upset remembering those sad days. Rather, he considers it as a priceless heritage of his, due to which he has become an actor today.

yashpal sharma

Yashpal Sharma, Photo: epicture.timesgroup.com/agencies

First film break, ‘Lagaan’ gave Yashpal Sharma popularity
Yashpal Sharma came to Mumbai in 1997 to try his luck in Bollywood. He was doing Struggle since childhood, so the struggle of Mayanagari could not break his courage. He got his first chance in films with Govind Nihalani’s film ‘Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa’. But Yashpal Sharma took a long time to get a big position in the industry. He got an acting break from this film, but the real identity came from Aamir Khan’s film ‘Lagaan’ sent to the Oscars. People still remember Yashpal Sharma by the name of ‘Lagaan’ of ‘Lagaan’.

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This is how the film ‘Lagaan’ was found

The story of Yashpal Sharma getting ‘Lagaan’ is also very interesting. Its connection is related to the crime TV show ‘CID’. In fact, director Ashutosh Gowariker and Yashpal Sharma worked together in some episodes of ‘CID’. Ashutosh Gowariker was an actor before becoming a director. While working in ‘CID’, Ashutosh Gowariker closely observed the potential of Yashpal Sharma and offered ‘Lagaan’.

yashpal sharma

Yashpal Sharma, Photo: ETimes

Taking a break from Bollywood, working in Haryanvi films
After this film Yashpal Sharma did many films like ‘Gangajal’, ‘Ab Tak Chappan’. He started appearing frequently in the films of Prakash Jha and Shyam Benegal. Yashpal Sharma has done ‘Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi’, ‘Apharan’, ‘Welcome to Sajjanpur’, ‘Singh is King’, ‘Well Done Abba’, ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’, ‘Aarakshan’, ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ and ‘Rowdy Rathore’. Did many films like ‘. In this, Yashpal Sharma was well-liked in his different characters.

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These three films of Yashpal got National Award
But from 2014, Yashpal Sharma took a break from Bollywood and started working in Haryanvi films. His Haryanvi films like ‘Turban: The Honor’ and ‘Satrangi’ were well received. Both the films won National Awards. Not only this, Yashpal Sharma’s film ‘Dada Lakhmi’ won the award for Best Feature Film in Haryanvi at the recently held National Film Awards. ‘Dada Lakhmi’ has won about 60 awards worldwide.

yashpal sharma actor

Yashpal Sharma, Photo: ETimes

People taunted and made fun, did not lose courage
Yashpal Sharma is glad that the break he had decided to take a break from Bollywood films for Haryanvi films has worked. His hard work paid off. Yashpal Sharma’s three Haryanvi films are National Award winners. Yashpal Sharma had to lose about 20 projects for ‘Dada Lakhmi’, which has won many awards worldwide. About this Yashpal Sharma had said in an interview, ‘If I had to run the house, I also worked in between. People used to make fun of me. Used to break courage, but I did not give up. I focused on the film and kept working hard.

Yashpal Sharma is still active in Haryanvi films, but he is also doing Hindi films in between. In 2017, he was seen in the role of Major Rajbir Tokas in Salman Khan’s Tubelight. Apart from this, he has also done a Bangladeshi film.



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