Lara Dutta’s career ruined by these 10 films


New Delhi. Actress Lara Dutta is still known for her roles in the comedies Masti (2004), No Entry (2005), Bhagam Bhag (2006), Partner (2007), Housefull (2010), and Chalo Dilli (2011) and the action film Don Ke. Known for. By working in these films, Lara had achieved success in making her a tremendous identity worldwide, but then her 10 films proved to be fatal for her career, which became a disaster at the box office and then her career began to be destroyed, although after 2018 He took a gap of 3 years and when he returned to the screen in the year 2021 with ‘Bell Bottom’, his film also proved to be a disaster. So come, let us tell you about those 10 disaster films of Lara…

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