Leaving Raj Kapoor, when his wife started living in the hotel, Nargis-Zeenat did not fight because of this actress

New Delhi: Raj Kapoor was married when there were discussions about his affair with the co-actress. Many people know about his affair with Nargis and Zeenat Aman, but do you know that he also fell in love with Vyjayanti Mala. When his wife Krishna came to know about his affair, she became very angry with Raj Kapoor.

It is said that because of Vaijayanti Mala, Raj Kapoor’s wife had left the house for about 2 months. The actress worked in many hit films like ‘Naya Daur’, ‘Asha’, ‘Sadhana’ and ‘Ganga Jamuna’. She played more artistic roles on screen, but she appeared in a swimsuit in a song in Raj Kapoor’s film ‘Sangam’, for which Raj Kapoor celebrated her a lot.

Vyjayanthi is the first South Indian actress to appear in a swimsuit in a Bollywood film. She agreed to wear a swimsuit in the song ‘Bol Radha Bol’, so Raj Kapoor met her grandmother. Vyjayanthi shot the song in a swim suit only after her grandmother agreed. It is said that during the shoot of ‘Sangam’, Vyjayanthi and Raj Kapoor came so close that Krishna, the actor’s wife, became angry with him. She left home taking the children with her and started living in a hotel. This incident is also mentioned in Rishi Kapoor’s book ‘Khullam Khulla’.

Raj Kapoor’s name was associated with many actresses. (pc:twitter@FilmHistoryPic)

According to media reports, Rishi has told in his book that he had gone to live with his mother at the Natraj Hotel on Marine Drive in Mumbai. This was the period when his father Raj Kapoor had a romantic relationship with Vyjayanthi. When Raj Kapoor came to know, he gave his wife and children an apartment to stay. The actor tried hard to pacify his wife, but Krishna did not return until Vaijayanti was removed from his life.

Raj Kapoor married Krishna Malhotra at the age of 22. They became parents of five children. The sons’ names are Randhir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor and Rajeev Kapoor and the daughters’ names are Ritu Nanda Kapoor and Reema Kapoor.

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