Madhuri Dixit was deeply in love with the cricketer, wanted to marry, sometimes family members and sometimes circumstances became villains

New Delhi: Madhuri Dixit’s career was on top in the 90s. People were crazy about her films as well as her beauty. There was no dearth of wealth, fame and fans in the life of the actress. In those days, discussions of affair between co-actors were very common, but Madhuri Dixit surprised everyone by expressing her passion for a famous cricketer.

Madhuri Dixit was ready to leave everything for the sake of cricketer Ajay Jadeja. According to media reports, love between Madhuri and Ajay deepened during the shooting of an advertisement. Then the romantic pictures of both of them made a lot of headlines. It was even said that Madhuri had recommended him to the directors to bring Ajay Jadeja in films. It is obvious that Ajay Jadeja wanted to earn a name in films.

Madhuri and Ajay’s love story remained incomplete
Madhuri and Ajay Jadeja’s love story didn’t end well. In the life of both of them, sometimes the family and sometimes the circumstances kept creating obstacles by becoming villains. Actually, Ajay Jadeja belongs to a royal family, which was against his relationship with Madhuri Dixit. On the other hand, Madhuri Dixit belongs to a normal family. Even before the tussle between the families subsided, Ajay Jadeja’s career was in danger. He had to face allegations of match-fixing along with Mohammad Azharuddin. In this whole episode, he was banned for 5 years.

Madhuri Dixit married Dr. Shriram Nene in 1999.

Madhuri Dixit’s family was also against their love
When Ajay Jadeja’s reputation fell, Madhuri Dixit’s family also turned against their relationship. After some time, Madhuri Dixit met Dr. Shriram Nene and made him her life partner in 1999 and settled in America. The couple has two sons today. The first son Arin was born in 2003, while the second son Ryan was born in 2005.

Madhuri Dixit is judging reality shows
Ajay Jadeja married Aditi Jaitley, daughter of politician Jaya Jaitley. Madhuri Dixit, 55, has been judging reality TV shows for some time now, while Ajay Jadeja, 52, is still associated with the cricket world as a commentator.

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