Mahesh Manjrekar’s daughter Sai gave a funny answer to the question of nepotism, told herself lucky

New Delhi- Saiee Manjrekar, daughter of well-known filmmaker Mahesh Manjrekar, made her Bollywood debut with Salman Khan’s film. Saiee Manjrekar turned to the Telugu film industry after making her debut with ‘Dabangg 3’. Even though Saiee Manjrekar is working hard to prove herself, but this actress admitted that she too has faced allegations of nepotism.

Talking about the debate related to nepotism, the actress said, “If someone says that I have benefited because of being associated with the film industry, then I probably agree with them. I accept the privileges I have because of coming from the industry. But still I want to work separately for myself.

Saiee Manjrekar further says, “Nepotism is the reality of this industry and I accept it. I got a break very easily as compared to others. I am thankful for this. I know many people are working 10 times harder to get where I am, so I have to work 10 times harder to keep mine.”

Apart from this, Sai believes that there are many types of perception about actresses in the industry. She says, “Many times before the release of Dabangg 3, I went to family functions and when we all sat down to eat, he already assumed that I was dieting and said- ‘Kya aap khayegi, kya aap diet kar’. Have you been?’ Then people, whom I have always known, began to think that Sai would become arrogant and change. It is a stereotype that is created in the minds of people. It is very difficult to get out of it.

Sai will be seen in ‘Kuch Khatta Ho Jaye’
On the work front, Sai will soon be seen in ‘Kuch Khatta Ho Jaye’. Singer and actors Guru Randhawa and Anupam Kher will be seen alongside Sai in this film.

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