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Married at the age of 15, became a mother at the age of 18, such has been the life of Moushumi Chatterjee!

Moushumi Chatterjee Life Facts: Today, the talk of Moushumi Chatterjee, the famous actress of the 70-80s, about whom it was famous in the industry that she was so emotional that she used to cry without applying glycerin. Today we will know some such things related to seasonal which few people know about. Let us tell you that Moushumi Chatterjee was born on 26 April 1948 in Kolkata. Moushumi’s education, writing and upbringing was also done in Kolkata itself. Talking about the film career, Moushumi’s first film was the Bengali language film Balika Badhu in 1967. Let us tell you that after the film Balika Badhu, many films were offered to Moushumi.

If we talk about personal life, then Moushumi’s marriage was also done in a big film style. In fact, the last wish of an elderly family member of Moushumi’s house was that they want to see the actress as a bride. In such a situation, to fulfill the last wish of this family member, Moushumi was married at the age of 15 with Jayant Mukherjee, son of Hemant Kumar.

Let us tell you that Moushumi had stepped into Bollywood only after marriage and then she was 19 years old. At the age of 18, Moushumi had also become a mother. If we talk about his famous films, then he includes superhit films like Anurag, Do Premi, Angoor, Manzil, Roti Kapda Aur Makaan, Swayamvar and Sabse Bada Rupaiya.

Let us tell you that two daughters Payal and Megha were born to Moushumi from marriage. However, due to a long illness, Payal passed away a few years ago today. It is said that since the death of Payal, till date Moushumi has not been able to recover from the shock of losing her daughter.

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