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‘Mere Do Do Papa’…after all, why did daughter Athiya Shetty start speaking after seeing Suniel Shetty?

Happy Birthday Athiya Shetty: Athiya Shetty, who showed her beauty and style in ‘Hero’, is the daughter of film industry veteran Sunil Shetty. Athiya Shetty is celebrating her 30th birthday today. Athiya Shetty is very close to father Suniel Shetty. However, in her childhood, seeing her father Sunil Shetty, she used to say two fathers. Today, on the occasion of his birthday, we know why Athiya Shetty used to call her father by the name of another father.

Because of this, the second father used to say

Many stories of Athiya Shetty’s childhood are famous, but the most famous of them all is that Athiya Shetty started considering her father Sunil Shetty as the second father. This is about the time when Sunil Shetty’s film ‘Gopi Kishan’ film came. One of the dialogues of the film ‘Mere Do Do Baap’ became very famous. When Athiya heard this dialogue, she too used to say the same thing after seeing her father Sunil Shetty that ‘Mere do do baap’. Athiya Shetty did not obey her father in childhood. She used to be very stubborn in her childhood.

Athiya Shetty was fond of acting since childhood. Due to this desire, he chose to make a career in films. However, Athiya Shetty has not been able to get that success in the film world yet, as her father Sunil Shetty got. She is waiting for a big blockbuster. Athiya Shetty has worked in many films but she is still yearning for superhit. Now it will be interesting to see whether Athiya Shetty can earn a name like her father in the coming times.

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