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Mirzapur: Waiting for years is bringing color, this way local employment will come out with an investment of 800 crores

Report – Mangala Tiwari

Mirzapur. In order to create a positive environment for industry and business, the entire focus of the state government is on making it a hub for investment and big industries. In this sequence, the days of Mirzapur, which were waiting for the industries for decades, are now turning. Gradually, Mirzapur is also becoming a favorite area of ​​investors for setting up industrial units. Now here also three big companies like Dalmia, Jindal and RLJ are going to invest. It is believed that the huge investment of these companies in the district will not only lead to industrial development, but will also create conditions for employment generation.

The three companies Dalmia, Jindal and RLJ will invest more than Rs 800 crore in the district. Cement factory will be constructed on behalf of Dalmiya in Lalganj area in about 35.75 acres. After getting the land, work is being done here at a brisk pace. Similarly, RLJ Company is going to invest more than 100 crores by setting up a cement factory in an area of ​​16 acres in Chunar area.

Will you really get 1000 jobs?

Jindal company will set up solar plant. This solar plant will be set up near the power house. 50 acres of land has also been got for the solar plant, although the work has not started yet due to non-receipt of NOC from the pollution department. Deputy Commissioner of Industries Ashok Kumar told that Dalmia Company is going to invest 800 crores, RLJ 100 crores and Jindal Company is going to invest about 80 crores. According to Kumar, this investment in the district will not only lead to the development of the district, but will also provide employment to one thousand people directly and indirectly.

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