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Mother gave birth to 4 children together, everyone’s face is the same, it was difficult to recognize

Mother of Quadruplets Confuse to Tell Them Apart: As difficult as it is to give birth, it is more difficult to raise them. Especially if the children are not twins but 3-4, then this task becomes even more difficult. And one such couple has got the responsibility of four children together. Since the appearance of children is similar, the problem is that many times they forget which child to feed and whose nappy has to be changed.

Gabby and Patrick gave birth to their four children in July 2022 and their lives have been like a roller coaster since then. Due to the age, appearance and stature of all the children being the same, parents are also facing a lot of difficulty in identifying them. In such a situation, a different type of trick has been taken out by the mother to identify her children.

4 children look the same
Gabby, 40, gave birth to four children in July 2022, all of whom were boys. Ever since children came into their lives, their lives are passing in a rush. They are similar in appearance, so it is difficult to distinguish children from each other. Gabby also had to undergo a special surgery for the birth of children. In order to identify the four children named Adam, Bennett, Coby and Dane, they had to come up with a special trick, so that at least the smallest things did not go wrong.

toe nail paint
Gabby told the Mirror that she was very confused about the looks of Bennett and Coby, so she painted the toe nails of both the children in different colors. Bennett’s nail color was kept green and Cobby’s white. The rest of the two children used to have confusion in childhood, but it became easier to recognize them after growing up. He has to change 47 nappies a day. 32 bottles and one and a half packets of wipes are also consumed.

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