Movie Review: Almost Pyaar with DJ Mohabbat

There is a general belief about Anurag Kashyap, who turns the tide of films, that he likes to make dark, intense and Quentin Tarantino style cinema, but somewhere inside Anurag, a passionate lover also grows, who is in the fire of love and love. I am determined to sacrifice my everything. Be it ‘Dev D’ or ‘Manmarziyaan’ or his other dark films, the complexity and irony of love is seen in every film. This time Anurag has come up with a new definition of love through ‘Almost Pyaar with DJ Mohabbat’, but it is regrettable to say that he has failed to live up to that definition.

Story of ‘Almost Pyaar with DJ Mohabbat’

The story of the film runs parallel in two periods and both the places are almost the same. Connecting these two stories is Vicky Kaushal, who plays DJ Mohabbat in the film. Amrita (Alaya F) living in Dalhousie is sixteen years old and a school going girl. This girl, in love with well-known writer Amrita Pritam, falls in love with the songs and thoughts of DJ Mohabbat. She wants to attend DJ Mohabbat’s concert at any cost and so runs away from home with 21-year-old Yakub (Karan Mehra). Amrita, who ran away from home in her innocence, has no idea that she has started the debate of Love Jihad with this incident of hers.

The second story of the film is about Ayesha (Alaya F), the daughter of a rich father living in London. One night she falls in love with Harmeet (Karan Mehra), the DJ of the pub there. Harmeet wants to focus on his career, but Ayesha’s one-sided love takes hold of him. Ayesha resorts to lies to get Harmeet, but at that time she is also unaware that her love can prove to be fatal.
The common thread of the film is DJ Mohabbat (Vicky Kaushal), a famous DJ from London, who is about to perform a concert in Chamba, and in the earlier story behind the same concert, Amrita and Yakub are crazy. An interesting twist in the story is that while Amrita and Ayesha are lookalikes, Yakub and Harmeet have identical faces. What is the outcome of the love of these two couples? Do they ever collide? You will get answers to these questions only after watching the film.

Trailer of ‘Almost Pyaar With DJ Mohabbat’

Review of ‘Almost Pyaar With DJ Mohabbat’

If the writer and director of the film is Anurag Kashyap, then the expectations also skyrocket. Anurag begins the story set in two periods in a very intense and interesting way, where innocent glimpses of love are seen. But when the story moves from the Amrita-Yakub track to Ayesha-Harmeet and then back to its original track, there is a lot of confusion between the two parallel stories. In the story, Anurag moves forward with many layers like love-jihad, rich-poverty, patriarchy, same-sex relationships, instant love of today’s era, but he fails to take those layers to any end.

In both the love stories, Anurag shows the villain between the hero-heroine in a clich├ęd manner and somewhere these love-love stories get confused. The film is technically sound and the cinematography sets the mood of the film. Amit Trivedi’s music is youthful. Songs like ‘Netflix and Chill’, ‘Mohabbat Se Kranti Aayegi’ have become fun-filled. Thankfully the length of the film is not much. The climax of the film is shocking, but makes it difficult to understand.

Anurag has used Vicky Kaushal as DJ Mohabbat as a trump card in many ways. Vicky also suits his role very well, but Anurag has failed to make his character meaningful. Alaya F is constantly polishing her acting skills. After ‘Jawaani Jaaneman’ and ‘Freddy’, she manages to make an impact in the dual roles of this film. Debutant Karan Mehra has tried well in his character. Supporting cast is fine.

Why see – Fans of Anurag Kashyap and fond of love stories can watch this film.

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