Movie Review: Phone Bhoot

Due to the weak script for a long time, Bollywood people, who have been suffering from flop films, have done a new experiment through the horror comedy Phone Bhoot. After the horror films of Ramsay Brothers and ‘Raaz’ franchise, there is not much importance of horror films left in Bollywood these days. But the new genre horror-comedy is being well-liked. Horror comedy films ‘Bhoot Police’, ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’, ‘Stree’, ‘Golmaal Again’ released in the last few years were well received.

Story of ‘Phone Bhoot’
This horror comedy film ‘Phone Bhoot’ is the story of two friends Major (Siddhant Chaturvedi) and Gullu (Ishaan Khattar). Both have a lot of craze for ghosts since childhood. Even the interior of his house is based on ghost theme. At the same time, they also organize ghost themed fun parties for the people. Although guests rarely come to his party, but one day he meets a real ghostly Ragini (Katrina Kaif). On Ragini’s idea, they all start a helpline named ‘Phone Bhoot’. Where Major and Gullu, with the help of Ragini, get rid of the ghosts. But the film takes an exciting turn when they learn that Ragini wants to take revenge on Atmaram (Jackie Shroff), the tantrik who ruined her life. So she came to Major and Gullu. You have to go to the cinema to know what happens after this.

‘Phone Bhoot’ trailer

Review of ‘Phone Bhoot’
Director Gurmeet Singh, who has been a part of superhit OTT show ‘Mirzapur’ as a director and a strong comedy film like ‘Mubarakan’ as a writer, has tried his best to win the hearts of the audience by making the new age comedy ‘Phone Bhoot’. Due to the young stars Katrina Kaif, Ishaan Khattar and Siddhant Chaturvedi in the film, it has a lot of craze among the youngsters. Due to this, a large number of youth came to watch the film on the first day. On the other hand, Gurmeet also entertained them by serving them a fine mix of horror and comedy. The film keeps you entertained from the very beginning and gets even more fun after the interval.

The climax of the film is also tremendous. Memes and one liners have been used well in the film to entertain the youth. Also the dialogues are funny and the screenplay is tight. At the same time, the music also drives the pace of the film.

The makers have full faith in their film. That’s why he has left the scope for a sequel at the end of the film. If we talk about acting, then Katrina Kaif has done a good job in the role of Bhootni. At the same time, both Siddhant and Ishaan are frozen in their roles. Although at times he also overacts, but that too is liked by the audience. Jackie Shroff is frozen in his role. Rest of the cast have also done a good job.

Why watch-
If you want to see something fun on the weekend, then you can cut the tickets for this film.

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