Mumtaz’s daughter is ahead of her mother in beauty, Sussanne Khan’s sister-in-law will say after seeing the pictures- ‘Beauty, beauty…’

Mumbai: The name of the famous actress Mumtaz of the 70s and 80s is included in the most beautiful and stylish actresses of her era. Mumtaz used to be the fittest actress of that era, who had many fans in the industry as well. Mumtaz Movies worked with almost all the big stars in his time. But, now she is away from the film world. However, the discussions of her beauty have not diminished even today. Whenever she goes to a show, people go crazy about her grace. Everyone knows very well about Mumtaz’s career, but do you know anything about her personal life, her husband and daughters.

Mumtaz married Mayur Wadhwani in 1974. Mumtaz has two daughters from Mayur Wadhwani, whose names are Natasha and Tanya Madhwani. Both the daughters of Mumtaz stay away from the limelight. However, one of these Natasha is married to Bollywood actor Fardeen Khan. Natasha is four steps ahead of her mother in terms of beauty, but even after this she has not made a career in films.

Although Natasha stays away from the limelight, but her pictures keep coming out from social gatherings and B-town parties, in which her style is made on sight. There are many pictures of her on social media, seeing which her beauty can be gauged. Natasha is very much discussed on the internet these days, there are many pictures of her which remain in the discussion.

Natasha married Fardeen Khan in 2007. (Photo courtesy: Instagram: @bollywood_turkiye_fanpage)
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Natasha is away from the film world. (Photo courtesy: Instagram: @bollywood_turkiye_fanpage)

Let me tell you, Natasha married Fardeen Khan in 2007, with whom she also has a lovely daughter. The name of the daughter of both is Dayani. Natasha is away from the film world, but the discussion of Fardeen’s comeback was in full swing in the past. The actor was spotted outside the filmmakers’ office and his fitness became the talk of the town. Recently, he has lost a lot of weight and has become fat to fit again.

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