Munmun Sen’s name was linked to Pakistan PM Imran Khan, was it friendship or love, the actress clarified

A well-known personality in the Bollywood industry who has tried her hand at acting as well as other things. Today is the birthday of the same actress. We are talking about Moon Moon Sen here. Who created panic in the 80s with his charming style. Someone was starting to like his impeccable style. In the very first film, she had created such a magic of her beauty that she started getting many big offers. However, his name was also associated with many among his work. Bollywood celebrities were involved in it. A few connections were also connected with Pakistan. However, it did not happen all of a sudden. Rather both of them have already been friends with him. Let us tell you something about this on the 69th birthday of actress and former MP Moon Moon Sen.

Moon Moon Sen, the mother of actresses Raima Sen and Riya Sen, came into this world on 28 March 1954. Born in Kolkata, she is the daughter of Bengali actress Suchitra Sen and Dibana Sen. Munmun’s grandfather Adinath Sen was the richest merchant in the city. Overall, she belongs to a very rich family. Her husband Bharat Dev Verma whom she married in 1978. He also comes from the royal family. He is a big businessman by profession. He had two daughters from this, whose coin did not do much in Bollywood. So.

Munmun Sen and Imran Khan’s affair!

As illustrious as Moon Moon Sen’s career was. Accordingly, his personal life has also made headlines. Her name was associated with producer Romeu Sippy associated with Saif Ali Khan. Also associated with actor Victor Banerjee. Moreover, there have been discussions of affairs with Imran Khan as well. A report in claimed that the actress had dated Pakistan Prime Minister and former cricketer Imran Khan. She was married and yet she pursued a relationship with Imran Khan.

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Photo of Moon Moon Sen with Imran Khan

Not only this, it is also said that Moon Moon Sen’s photo with Imran Khan had also appeared on the cover page of a magazine, after which there was a lot of ruckus. It was also claimed in the report that the actress had given her stand on this. Said that he likes to spend time with Imran Khan. When her husband has no problem with this then why do people.

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Moon Moon Sen called Imran Khan a friend

However, in the year 2019, in an interview given to the news agency PTI, Munmun Sen spoke openly about his relationship with Imran Khan. At that time, when there was tension between Pakistan and India, the actress had said that both of them are good friends. He is not having any affair. She will talk to Imran Khan whenever there is a chance or need.

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Imran Khan is a classmate of Moon Moon Sen.

Let us tell you that Munmun, who joined Mamata Banerjee’s party in 2014 and won the Lok Sabha elections, has studied at Loreto Convent in Shillong and Loreto House in Kolkata. Apart from this, he has graduated from Somerville College, Oxford and from there the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan also studied. Means to say that both were classmates. It is natural to have friendship in such a situation. And nowadays, if a boy and a girl are seen together, people look at them with the same eyes, which has become a trend.

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