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Naagin 6: Prayer clashed with her mother’s custom, will Sheshnagin feel like meeting her daughter?

The September 17 episode of ‘Naagin 6’ begins with Nagraj welcoming the prayer at the temple with Takshak. Pratha asks did he come in her daughter’s dream and says my daughter will not become Shesh Naagin. Talks about the Nani of Takshak Pratha. Pratha says I want to say that my daughter Shesh will not become a naagin and asks her not to come in her daughter’s dream. He says that you also did not want to become Shesh Naagin, but you became. He says if your daughter comes here then she will become Shesh Naagin.

Will Sheshnagin become Pratha’s daughter?
Pratha (Tejasswi Prakash) states that she has prayed to Mahadev and knows that he will not refuse her prayers. She tells Takshak with folded hands not to come in her daughter’s dreams. She says even if the whole world calls her, my daughter will not come back. Takshak says no one can stop what is written.

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something like this with prayer in the office
Rudra is in the office for an interview. He asks Akansha to refuse the candidates for the interview. Akansha comes out and tells that today sir can’t take interview as she is busy today. Prarthana shouts at Akansha and asks how can your boss cancel the interview. She says 20 people have come from small towns. Rudra comes out and sees her. He prays that his face resembles someone’s.

Naagin 6 Episode 10th September 2022: Will Pratha’s daughter Anmol become the next Sesha Naagin?
Meeting of custom and prayer
Pratha talks to Jeet and says that she will be late. The receptionist asks Tia to leave. Prarthana collides with someone and her file falls down. Pratha sees him picking up the papers but does not see his face. She thinks of turning off the fan and starts walking. While lifting the paper the prayer hand touches the feet of the pratha. Prath feels strange.



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