Naagin 6: Sheshnagin gives painful death to Urvashi, Rishabh and Pratha reunite, will Naagin end?

The August 20 episode of ‘Naagin 6’ saw a lot of excitement. The episode begins with Pratha. Pratha reaches out to Mehak and repeatedly asks about her daughter so that he can bring her back. However, Mehak is very understanding and later says that no matter what happens she will not tell him anything about her daughter. Meanwhile, Urvashi also attacks Pratha from below as she wants to get rid of Mehek, so in the beginning Pratha says that Urvashi should die as she is the mastermind behind all these adventures happening to her.

Urvashi was put to death
Even, it is his involvement in that he brainwashed Mehek and instigated against the practice. She then kills Urvashi and throws her into the ditch saying that her time has come and hence she frees him from this world forever.

Naagin 6: The truth of his daughter came in front of the custom, will Sheshnagin be imprisoned in the cave?
The grip of custom on smell
Meanwhile, Mehek is also scared of Pratha because she is very angry and is trying to take her revenge and that is why she killed Urvashi and now it is her turn. Mehek could do nothing as her powers have been taken again by Mahadev because of her adventures as she was getting destructive again and again by taking advantage of her powers. That’s why she is making many allegations in her name also because she killed many people who were innocent. He even did the same to Rishabh.

Naagin 6: Fierce fight between custom and smell, the biggest truth in front of Sheshnagin
Rishabh and Pratha reunite
On the other hand it shows that Rishab spoils the intentions of those who have to destroy the nation and later he fires at them till they take their last breaths. Then he says that no one has the right to go to his country and if anyone does so he will be killed. He killed these people. Pratha reaches there in her second form and sees Rishabh and as soon as she sees him she hugs him. Rishabh also expresses his love for her and then both return to their home.


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