Named ‘Gulshan’ but became ‘Kanta’, famous actor deliberately became villain, Sunil Dutt gave chance with Sanjay

Mumbai. Talking about the ‘Badman’ of Bollywood, there is only one villain famous by this name and that is Gulshan Grover. Gulshan has made a special place in the film world with his characters. There are many characters like ‘Kesariya Vilayati’, ‘Lala Roshanlal’, ‘Kabira’, who became famous only because of Gulshan. Gulshan, who was a famous villain of his era, had a dream to play a negative role from the very beginning.

Gulshan was born on 21 September 1955 in New Delhi. Gulshan was associated with the Little Theater Group while studying in Delhi College. It was from here that he made up his mind to act and came to Mumbai and joined Roshan Taneja’s acting school. After this, when he did not get roles even after many attempts, he started working in Taneja’s acting school itself.

Sunil Dutt gave a chance
Many stars learned acting in Roshan Taneja Acting School. Sanjay Dutt is also included in these. When Sunil Dutt saw Gulshan with Sanjay, he gave Gulshan a chance to work in the film ‘Rocky’. Gulshan was noticed from here and he made a mark with his characters in many films.

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Due to more scope…
Gulshan had told in an interview to Tabassum that he did not become a villain due to any compulsion. His name may be Gulshan but he made up his mind to play the role of ‘Kante’ in films. Gulshan said, ‘I did not become a villain because I did not get hero roles. I became a villain because there is more scope of acting in it. It was always in my mind that I would be the best villain in the industry. Please tell that Gulshan was such a villain of the industry, who kept his getup different in every film.

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Talking about personal life, Gulshan Grover did two marriages but they were not successful. He has a son, whom he has raised alone.

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