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Be it our enemy’s time, our friend remains safe… The association of cinema and samosas was like this for decades. The one who vows to live and die together, absolutely of the film type. Due to their friendship, two people in a hundred and fifty used to handle only one film in a month with great pleasure and that too with two or two samosas wrapped in green-red chutney. Then as the new millennium approached, the international-NRI feel started coming to the movies.

Gradually, instead of samosas, snacks from Italy, Mexican and Spain were taken. Kavita, Kamal, Meenakshi were replaced by Galaxy, Star One and Cine Night and the cinema of hundred and fifty became so expensive that give 200 or 300, almost stopped getting the money back from the ticket window. In the changing times, cinema and samosas kept moving away from each other without being dishonest. Here a song ‘Teri duniya se hoke majboor chala, main very far very far chala’, picturized on Parikshit Sahni in the film Pavitra Papi (1970) seems helpful in understanding the situation.

Well, now what is the use of going so deep in the flashback? But what to do, through National Cinema Day, a charm of the past was revived. Memories related to cinema were revived with samosas. After years, the money that was received back from the ticket window. Ticket rates were also in triple to double digits. This was the first time that Valentine’s Day, like Mother-Father’s Day, was celebrated across the country as National Cinema Day. On the appeal of the multiplex organization, cinema lovers came in large numbers to celebrate this day with full gusto. The purpose of the organization was that people should start going to theaters as before. As a gift, film tickets were also offered for just Rs 75.

The good thing here is that even though the multiplex fraternity thanked its audience by reducing the correct ticket rate for one day, on the other hand, the audience also registered their presence in lakhs to show that the distance from the cinema is not what they want, but is due to some reasons. The boards of Housefull hanging on the theatres, were saying that this dialogue between the audience and the exhibitor was successful, while the contribution of the film fraternity in making this special day was seen to be zero.

People said, ask for this heart and

Through National Cinema Day, who got what and what did not, it will continue to be analyzed. But it is certain that the hearts of the exhibitors and spectators will not be filled with this one day event. The audience showed such tremendous enthusiasm towards this day that the cinema owners had to increase the shows. Who would believe that in this era when the films of the biggest stars are getting flopped, people were in line for the 6 o’clock show in the morning. However, it should not matter who went to see whose film and which film got the most benefit from the cheap ticket rate.

The queues outside the cinema halls are telling that the craze for cinema among the people continues even today to the same old extent. The enthusiasm of the audience is also reflected in the fact that despite the date of National Cinema Day being changed from September 16 to September 23, about 80 to 90 percent of the tickets were booked in advance. Whether the show is at 6 in the morning or at 12 in the night.

Curiously, there was only a slight stir on social media regarding this special day. There were some encouraging tweets from the accounts of some journalists, film critics, distributor-exhibitors writing on the film trade. No hashtags, no trends, and no special promotions of any kind. Whatever the news spread was just word of mouth. Despite this, about 65 lakh people (figure released by the organization) paid Rs 75 in this single day. Watched cinema on more than 4 thousand screens by paying the ticket rate of Rs. Just imagine that if states like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala could also join this campaign along with the rest, then the number of viewers could go up to crores. Due to some tax related rules, these states could not participate in the festival.

A day dedicated to cinema and that too at such a low ticket price. Just imagine how a typical consumer reacts to such an affordable offer. Even in the last moments of a day’s sale, when you miss out on buying something, it is normal to feel sorry, but when the goods of the sale are grabbed, then consider yourself rich.

The offer of this one special day must have made many cine sages feel the same way. Especially if the person earning one hundred and two hundred a day gets 75 tickets and 25 samosas in multiplexes, that is, cinema as well as snacks in the total deposited hundred, then only the feeling of wealth will come.

It cannot be said how long this feeling will last. Had there been a sale, it would have returned in the next season. But like birthdays, this type of ‘day’ comes only once in a year. However, if you want to see this campaign as a clear picture without thinking from the point of view of the general public who take care of the manipulative thing here, then instead of a day for a little longer time, the real response should be reduced by reducing the ticket rate. can test. It can be seen seventy five rupees. Not right, one hundred and one hundred and fifty rupees. Or how will keeping the price in the range of two hundred affect it. By doing this, perhaps a very large section will be able to reconnect with cinemas. Especially such middle class families with 4-5 members, who have not seen cinema together since long to save fifteen hundred-two thousand.

Now the effect of the participation of 65 lakh people in a day should be seen. Of course, only for a day, seeing the theaters full of audience, the hearts of many have been stunned. And perhaps that is why there is a buzz that why not try reducing the ticket rates for a few days. If you notice in the coming days, you will find that the ticket rates have come down. Half the price is not right, but the ticket which was earlier for two hundred or two hundred and fifty rupees, now it is available for Rs.1.25, then it means that there is a difference. Meanwhile, a new multiplex chain has intensified this debate by announcing on its social media that ticket rates will be Rs 70-100 on some of their screens. During this, on checking the advance booking, it was found that not only for the last weekend, but for almost a week, the ticket rates in most places are below two hundred or near it. Cinema exhibitors can opt for a seasonal sale instead of a one-day annual event, because a viewer’s heart about cinema can quiver like an innocent child and who, after seeing a cold drink, says again and again, ask for this heart and, and , And…

Content or price, who dominates whom?

For the past several months, it is being heard that the content of Bollywood films is very bad. Due to this the films are not running, which is not only affecting the business of the entire industry but also causing loss to the distributors and exhibitors including theater owners.

Yes, it is true that Bollywood needs to think about many things including not only its content but also its star system. But this is not the complete truth. Content is not the only reason for the poor condition of the industry, there are many other reasons too. But today it is not a matter of debate. Because only content was the issue, then on this particular day people would come to watch only good content films, whereas Ranbir-Alia’s film ‘Brahmastra’ earned the most on this day. Acclaimed for its visual effects and themes, the film has received a mixed response from the audience and a massive boycott campaign was launched about the film, despite it being a Rs 360 crore (Worldwide Gross) film even before National Cinema Day. ) had gathered more.

The benefit of reducing the rate on this special day was that about 10 crores were added to the account of the film on Friday and 5-6 crores more on Saturday. Whether the film is good or bad, brainstorming heads keep on tinkering, but the truth is that about 1.4 million people (figure of only three multiplex chains) watched the same film in a single day with an occupancy of 85 percent. From this one particular day, the film’s earnings jump went above 250 percent, which was running in minus for several days. Now this film has reached very close to the gross collection of 400 crores.

Yes, it is sure that the viewers will have a different pleasure in watching ‘Brahmastra’ in 3D and IMAX 3D formats apart from 2D (ordinary screen) with discounted rates. Because tickets of other formats are very expensive as compared to 2D. In the test of content and price, Sunny Deol’s latest release ‘Chup: Revenge of the Artist’ should also be weighed, which collected 3 crores on this special day and 2 crores the next day. R. Directed by Balki, the film was released on 1000 screens and it is said that around 4 lakh people bought its tickets on the first day. In this sense, this film of Sunny Deol is being considered as a good opening. Sunny Deol has been a hero of the people since the beginning. If the ticket rate of his film is normal and released on two-three thousand screens even today, he can make a great collection.

However, it has been a long time and now it does not matter how the content of his film is. If Sunny is liked by his fans, then he likes Meant. Of course whatever their number is. No reason is needed for this and now there is no content at all. His film was neither specially promoted nor was the packaging of his mood. Still, there is talk of this film.

In the case of response, R. Madhavan’s film ‘Dhokha: Round the Corner’ went on to collect Rs 1.15 crore despite poor response. There is a possibility that after the weekend this figure will change to 2 or 3 crores. However, this film in no way even closes to Madhavan’s performance and his cinematic image. Still people flocked to see it. Had there not been a cheap rate, even collecting 50 lakhs would have been heavy. In contrast, James Cameron’s sci-fi film ‘Avatar’ (2009) was re-released, which did a business of 1-2 crores. Just imagine, there were no screens left for a 13 year old English film that people would like to see on 3D and IMAX. Because most of the screens were occupied by ‘Brahmastra’.

Well, in this conflict of content and price, which player needs improvements or modifications, it can be assessed after some time. But it has to be seen whether such experiments can be done further. Could the participation of states like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala have made the occasion more meaningful? Because due to non-participation of these states, about 50 percent of the cinema halls missed out on participating in this festival. However, one thing that is emerging broadly from this is that the effect of reducing the rates of cinema tickets will definitely be there.

Obviously, if the rates of snacks available in cinema canteens are kept in the same proportion, then samosas can also get a chance to smile along with nachos and pizza. However, even today, the association of cinema and samosas remains intact in many theatres. In Delhi’s Delight cinema hall, Mahasamosa still sells with full throttle amidst burgers, nachos and other snacks. For cinema and samosas to remain together, the entire cine fraternity will have to think together.



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