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Neena Gupta said – according to the circumstances, I suffered, suffered and enjoyed it

Neena Gupta is going to be seen in Sooraj Barjatya’s film ‘Uchhai’ very soon. Neena Gupta believes that she got her real identity in the film world from her film ‘Badhaai’. Neena Gupta is very happy that she is getting different types of fun roles at this age. In this meeting with NavbharatTimes, Neena Gupta also talked about her film and personal life.

‘With whom I cannot live and if I want to have a child, then I did not plan this’
In this interview, Neena Gupta said a lot about her personal life. In the past, the kind of step that Nina took in her personal life, people used to call it very bold. Neena said about this, ‘I don’t do anything thinking that I have to do something different or I have to do some brave work, it is not like that. Whatever circumstances God has given me in my life, what can I do, I do that. If I fell in love with someone I couldn’t live with and if I wanted to have a child, I didn’t plan it. Something like this happened, this God did such planning for me, I did not do this.’

‘I suffered, suffered and had fun’
Nina had decided to give birth to a child without marriage and while many people criticized her for her move, people also give her courage to her. She further said, ‘I stayed on the decision I took. I did not ask for anyone’s help, neither financial nor emotional. I have suffered, endured and enjoyed what I got according to my circumstances. What do I do now? Either I keep on crying, or I go and marry someone that I want a child. Everyone does this that we are getting old or I keep crying that there is no one. That’s why it is not my plan to show bravery. Satisfied with what God gives, I walk away.

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‘I’ve been thinking for a long time why my stomach is upset’
She said, ‘I keep on laughing and playing, so it is not that there is no tension in my life. I have the same problem in my life as you all have in life. I also get anxiety attacks. I was thinking for a long time that why my stomach is upset, now I came to know that due to anxiety. There is tension in my life as well which happens in everyone’s life. Now I find ways to do yoga and walk. Everyone finds their own way.

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The offer of this film came to him even before the lockdown.
Neena told that the offer of this film came to her even before the lockdown. She told that she was very happy after hearing the story and immediately said yes. However, during the lockdown, the shooting of this film was postponed, after which she was also afraid that her film might be offered to someone else. After this, Neena also messaged Sooraj Barjatya to ask when will the muhurta for his shooting come out. Neena told that she and her manager first talk among themselves, then read the script and then decide whether this film should be done or not. The film ‘Uchai’, which is releasing in theaters on November 11, also stars Amitabh Bachchan, Anupam Kher, Danny Denzongpa and Boman Irani, besides Sarika and Parineeti Chopra.



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