Neena Gupta was badly trapped by becoming ‘Lallu girl’, called the writer and said- ‘Please get me out of this film’, then…

Neena Gupta is in limelight these days for her film ‘Shiv Shastri Balboa’. This film is being released in theaters on Friday i.e. 10 February. 63-year-old Neena is seen playing the lead role with Anupam Kher in this film. But there was a time when Neena used to struggle a lot to get roles in films. Often after the films become hits, the fortunes of the actors change and they start getting offers for films. But the opposite happened with Neena Gupta. After one of her films became a hit, her character had become a big problem for Neena. This is the matter of the film ‘Saath-Saath’ in which Farooq Sheikh and Deepti Naval were seen in the lead roles.

Got a role in the days of Struggle
Neena Gupta, referring to the days of her struggle, wrote in her book ‘Sach Kahun To’, ‘My struggle was going on. Meanwhile, I got an offer. This film was ‘Saath Saath’. I had a small role of a lallu girl, who repeatedly used to say, ‘I didn’t say anything’. She used to wear very strange clothes, and also used to wear thick glasses. I thought, no one, do whatever role is available., If you do good work, you will get more work. What was it then, I did a good job and my ‘Main Na Kehti Thi’ dialogue became a huge hit. But at that time I did not know that the “Lallu Ladki” I had done would now become a problem for me.

Neena Gupta came from Delhi to Mumbai to become an actress. Neena Gupta Instagram

Offers started coming only from Lallu girl
Actually, due to this hit role, Neena Gupta’s hope of getting the lead role of heroine is over. The actress further told in her book how she understood that because of this hit character of hers, she will no longer get lead roles in the industry, but will only get roles like Lallu girl. The same thing happened, after ‘Saath-Saath’, the actress was offered many roles but Neena had to reject them all. ,

did the roll without asking yes
Neena Gupta further tells that she then befriended a writer, due to which she got a big commercial film. Rishi Kapoor was also in this film. The writer said to Neena, ‘It is a very good role’, so Neena said yes without asking about the role. The actress writes, ‘When I went to the set, after a while I came to know that he was also a Lallu girl type character. I did my shoot and came home crying a lot that what have I done. What do I do now?’

Neena Gupta Vivian Richards Live-in

Actually, Neena Gupta always considers Shyam Benegal as her guru.

Either cut my role or…
When she got the role from such a big writer, Neena got nervous as to how to make it. But then after mustering up courage, he called after 3-4 days. Neena said, ‘Sir, you got me this role, thank you very much. Can one be my favourite?’ Either cut my role from the picture or take someone else. Sir, it is not in my control. I will not be able to do this. That writer accepted Neena’s words and separated her from this film.

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