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Neetu Kapoor brings out the funny connection of UK politics and ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’, also added Rishi and Raj

Mumbai. As soon as Indian-origin Rishi Sunak became the Prime Minister of Britain, all the stars from Amitabh Bachchan congratulated and reacted in their own way, but Neetu Kapoor took out the connection. No one can even think about that. Neetu not only linked Rishi Sunak’s name to her late husband Rishi Kapoor and father-in-law Raj Kapoor, but also told what is the connection between the film ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’ and UK politics.

Who will not remember Manmohan Desai’s film ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’ released in 1977. The trio of Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor and Vinod Khanna had created a lot of color in this film, which came about 45 years ago. Adorned with the performances of Parveen Babi, Shabana Azmi and Neetu Kapoor, this film is still very much liked. When this film was released, it was a box office hit due to its brilliant story line and the theme of the film. The story of the film is of three brothers who get separated in childhood and are adopted by Hindu, Muslim and Christian families. Growing up, he becomes a policeman, then a singer and third time owner. Well this was the story of the film, its connection Neetu Kapoor took something out of UK politics, and if you pay attention, it is also true.

Even after years, this film is very special for Neetu Kapoor, because in this film the pair of Neetu and Rishi were seen romancing on screen too. Therefore, on the latest development in UK politics, Neetu wrote on Insta Story ‘Muslim Mayor of London, Hindu Prime Minister and Christian King, how is this’.

(Photo Credits: neetu54/Instagram)

At the same time, by posting a picture of Rishi Sunak in another Insta story, he also added a connection to husband Rishi Kapoor and father-in-law Raj Kapoor.

neetu insta story

(Photo Credits: neetu54/Instagram)

Rishi Sunak has become the first Hindu Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. It is a matter of pride for India. On October 28, Rishi will take oath as the Prime Minister of Britain. This news has widened the chest of Indians with pride.

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