Neha’s style on the bed raised the internet, fans stuck on high heels

Bhojpuri actress Neha Malik may not be seen much in films and songs, but her pictures often go viral on social media. The fan following of the actress is so strong that fans go gaga over each and every picture. Recently, a new reel video of Neha has surfaced, in which she is seen posing in a ravishing style on the bed. This video going viral got more than 1 lakh 16 thousand views within 24 hours. Not only this, the series of likes and comments of the fans is also not taking the name of stopping.

Neha Malik has shared a funny video on her Instagram handle. This video is from a photoshoot. In the video, Neha is seen in a white outfit with glitter work. Along with posing, she has focused a lot on her makeup. This style of the actress is very much liked by the fans of the actress. Even the fans are not tired of praising him.

fans reaction

The reaction of the fans on Neha’s videos and pictures is amazing. A user wrote on his video, ‘You are the most beautiful.’ At the same time, another user said, ‘What’s the matter, you are looking amazing.’ On the other hand, there is a line of comment on his pictures as well. A user wrote on Neha’s photoshoot picture, ‘The real heroine is Neha.’ At the same time, another user wrote in the comment section, ‘White color also looks very cute on you.’

Neha ruling Bhojpuri

Neha has worked with big stars of Bhojpuri cinema like Khesari Lal. Bhojpuri audience likes the actress very much. Neha is getting more than one offer from this industry. Not only this, he worked in Bhojpuri cinema as well as in South and Punjabi industry. Punjabi music videos of the actress also keep getting released.

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