Neither Hindu, nor Muslim, you are Shahrukh Khan… Pathan was stunned by this line of fan, hugged and expressed love

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan is celebrating his 57th birthday. He did not enjoy this occasion alone but with the fans. At 12 o’clock he first came to his balcony. There he showed his glimpse to the fans. Shake hands. Said hi-hello to him. During this, son Abram also appeared with him. After this, even in the evening, he reached the balcony to thank the fans. He greeted them with folded hands there. Thank you said This series did not stop here. He also went to an auditorium to meet personal fans, where he was greeted in different ways.

The video of Shah Rukh Khan arriving at an auditorium in Mumbai is becoming fiercely viral on social media. In this, a girl sits on her knees and tells Shahrukh – neither a Hindu, nor a Muslim .. you are Shahrukh Khan, you are Shahrukh Khan, you are Shahrukh Khan. On hearing this, Shahrukh also lifts him up and hugs him, after which the happiness of that female fan remains undisturbed.

Fans praised fiercely
In this auditorium, Shahrukh is seen surrounded by fans all around. Female and male fans are seen standing around him. He looks very happy. Along with this, he is saying thank you once to the fans with folded hands. Seeing this method of the actor, fans are showering love on him fiercely. Everyone is praising him in the comment section.

Shahrukh Khan dances on Chaiyya Chaiyya
In this event, Shahrukh Khan danced to his popular song Chaiyya Chaiyya for the fans, after which the auditorium reverberated. People started shouting with joy. Apart from this, Shahrukh Khan also spoke in a different way from the dialogue of his film ‘Pathan’ – Zinda Hai. Kate cutting. Not only this, talked a lot with the fans.

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