News18 Showreel: Revathi reveals how Kajol agreed to do ‘Salaam Venky’?

New Delhi: Like other films of Revathi, the star cast of ‘Salaam Venki’ is also very interesting. When Revathi was asked on the stage of News18 Showreel how she selects the actors for her films, the director said, referring to ‘Salaam Venky’, ‘This film had a journey. The book ‘The Last Hurrah’ came to my hands in the year 2007, but nothing was done about it then.

She further says, ‘I kept working on it for 2-3 years, because the book is based on the true story of a boy, who died in the year 2004 due to an illness. The boy’s mother thought that a book should be brought on his son’s birthday on his wonderful journey.

Revathi recalled, ‘I went to Kajol, she refused to do the film. She did not want to play the role of the mother of a child who is suffering from some disease or sexual abuse. Revathi requested him to listen to the story of the film. After listening to the script, the actor inside Kajol woke up and she agreed to do the film.

There are many wonderful things related to the film. Revathi then spoke to any actor who felt a connection with something or the other in the film. Rahul Bose has been associated with the work of organ donation. Rajeev Khandelwal liked some other concept of the film. Please tell that ‘Salaam Venky’ will be released on 9 December.

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