News18 Showreel: Saiyami Kher’s crush is not on Bollywood but on this cricket star, she stopped talking on first meeting

Mumbai. Mirzya actress Saiyami Kher has proved her acting skills through only a few films. Shyami, who reached News18 Showreel held in Mumbai on Sunday, discussed about her career and personal life. Saiyami Kher told about her crush. Along with this, Saiyami also told that when she met her crush for the first time, she had stopped speaking. Saiyami Kher also discussed about her sports love.

Saiyami has a crush on Sachin Tendulkar
Saiyami told in News18 Showreel that apart from films, she is also very interested in sports. Saiyami has also been very fond of cricket. Saiyami has a crush on Sachin Tendulkar, who is called the God of Cricket. Saiyami has also met Sachin Tendulkar at the premiere of her film Mirzya. Saiyami told that she is a big fan of Sachin.

Saiyami was a cricketer before badminton. His immense love for cricket can be seen even today. Saiyami tells in an interview given in News18 Showreel, ‘My film Mirzya was about to premiere. Sachin Tendulkar was also going to attend this premiere. When I came to know about this, I expressed my desire to meet. However, later I also met Sachin Tendulkar. But I got nervous seeing them and could not talk at all. I remember this even today.

Saiyami is also very active in sports.
Saiyami told that along with acting, she is also very serious about sports and fitness. Fitness is not an activity for Saiyami but a part of life. Saiyami also takes great care of her fitness. Sayami tells that I used to play cricket in school time. However, later leaving cricket, I decided to play badminton.

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