Not only Salman Khan-Anurag Kashyap, there is a rift between these actors-directors as well

New Delhi: There is a very cordial relationship between many stars in Bollywood, although there have been reports of rift between them. Controversies between actors and directors have always attracted the attention of people. Many times the dispute between them increased so much that they had to suffer loss at the professional level. This rift often happened due to films or work. If there is a big actor, he gets the director fired from the film after a dispute. There are also stories when the actor was thrown out of the film at the behest of the director. Come, let’s know about those actors and directors of Bollywood, who never got along with each other.

Salman Khan and Anurag Kashyap: The dispute between Salman Khan and Anurag Kashyap came to the fore when the shooting of ‘Tere Naam’ was going on. Due to some kind of demand, there was a rift between them. If media reports are to be believed, he was dropped from the film at the behest of Salman Khan.

Kartik Aryan and Karan Johar: When Karthik Aryan was thrown out of the film ‘Dostana 2’, people came to know that there is something wrong between Karan Johar and Karthik Aryan. No clear reason for the dispute between the two came to the fore. Karthik will next be seen in the films ‘Freddy’ and ‘Shehzada’.

Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar: Although Kangana Ranaut is having a tussle with many people, but her fight with Karan Johar was in limelight. This controversy started when she reached the director’s show ‘Koffee with Karan’. He called Karan a movie mafia and accused him of promoting nepotism in the film industry.

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