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Now Akshay Kumar will not charge Rs 100 crore for films, said – I will reduce 30-40%

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is a famous artist. Akshay, who gives four to five films in a year, is everyone’s favorite. However, the year 2022 was not particularly good for him. All the films that were released were flops. His magic did not work at all at the box office. However, he did not skimp on his fees. Charged from 100 crores to 135 crores. But now he is saying that he will cut it.

Actually, Akshay Kumar had reached an event of ‘Hindustan Times’ with South Superstar Ram Charan. There he said that the existing things in the industry need to be changed and they should be restarted. If he wants the audience back then. Along with this, the actor also insisted on reducing the cost of the film. Said that he will also reduce his fees for this.

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Akshay Kumar reduced his fees
Akshay Kumar said what the industry can do to reduce the cost of the film. According to him, ‘There are many other things that need to be done and not only by the actors but also by the producers and theatres. Let me tell you that I want to reduce my fees by 30-40%. Theaters need to understand that now is the time of recession. The audience has limited money to spend on entertainment. He can’t spend that much on it. Everything has to change.

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Akshay Kumar will do only four films in a year
Akshay Kumar said on doing four films in a year- ‘Tell me one thing. Is there any person here who asks his children to work, why are you doing so much work? People ask why do you gamble so much? why do you drink so much If not, then when someone is doing more work then who asks about it?’ Akshay said that he will continue to do the number of films he was doing till now.



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