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OMG! Claim of seeing mysterious light in the sky in Uttar Pradesh, it felt as if the train was running in the sky

Etawah. In many cities of Uttar Pradesh, in the late evening, colorful lights were seen in the sky. Etawah district is no exception to this. Colorful lights have been seen in the sky in many areas of Etawah. Colorful lights have been seen in the sky near Basrehar and Kachora intersection of Etawah. Someone has captured a video of colored lights on mobile.

In the video, it seems that after the departure of a fighter plane, this colored light has appeared in the sky. Which the people of the village have captured in the mobile camera. The mysterious light remains a topic of discussion in Auraiya too. The villagers got upset seeing the train shaped light flying in the air.

Seeing the size and speed of the train, the moving lights have become a topic of discussion among the villagers. Many nearby villagers, including Chapoli of Dibiyapur police station area, saw mysterious lights. At the same time, whoever saw this light, said that he had never seen such a figure in the sky before. Although some people are calling it a constellation, but in reality, the exact information about whose light was and where it came from is not yet known.

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