‘Oye Oye… Tirchi Topi Wale’ fame Sonam disappeared overnight, now making a comeback on OTT

‘Tridev’ actress Sonam, who ruled the hearts of cine lovers in the 90s, is once again in the news. Sonam, whose real name is Bakhtawar Khan, made a lot of recognition in the film space in the 90s with her bold act. Sonam was only 14 years old when she made her debut in films. It is said that those times were such when producers used to go back and forth to cast Sonam in their films. Then suddenly she disappeared from the industry.

Sonam appeared in the 1988 film ‘Vijay’ and then she had become a star overnight. This very first film of his created a lot of panic. Apart from Bollywood, Sonam has also appeared in South and Bengali films. Sonam, who made her Bollywood debut in the year 1987 with the film ‘Vijay’, also got a lot of popularity from ‘Tridev’. People started lovingly calling Sonam as ‘Oye Oye Girl’. His song ‘Oye Oye… Tirchi Topi Wale’ was quite famous. She did many films like ‘Vishwatma’, ‘Baaz’, ‘Policewala’ and the last film came in the year 1994 ‘Insaniyat’ and then suddenly Sonam left the industry.

Because of this Sonam was away from the industry

To reach the heights of career where actors dream a lot, it was strange for Sonam to disappear like this. Actually the reason was that Sonam got married. However, it is said that after marriage, she started getting threats from the underworld, after which Sonam settled abroad with her husband.

Beginning of new innings on OTT

Sonam has once again returned to the film screen after almost 3 decades. Sonam is all set to play her new innings on OTT. Talking about her return, Sonam said, ‘I feel great to be back after being around the world for three decades. The industry has given me a warm welcome and it only gets better from here. I am looking forward to working with renowned as well as new age directors. Indian cinema has brought glory to the country across the globe. The OTT space is booming globally and I am looking forward to explore it along with cinema.’

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