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Pakistani bowler Naseem Shah had said- ‘Who is Urvashi Rautela?’ Now the actress gave a befitting reply

Pakistani bowler Naseem Shah’s name is being associated with Urvashi Rautela since the past. A video is viral in social media since the past, in which Naseem Shah is smiling looking at Urvashi Rautela. Urvashi shared some videos of the India-Pakistan match on her Instagram. Naseem Shah was also seen in one of these videos.

Regarding this, on social media, users added the names of both of them together. When Naseem Shah was asked about this, he said that I do not know anything about this. I don’t know who Urvashi Rautela is. Currently I am focusing on my game. I don’t care about all this. At the same time, Urvashi Rautela’s statement has also come about this.

Urvashi Rautela said that my team had shared about 11-12 videos with the fans. No attention was paid to who was coming in the video. Regarding this, Urvashi told the media not to spread rumors about this.

Incident of India-Pakistan match
Let us tell you that this incident is of India-Pakistan match. Urvashi Rautela also reached to watch the match. Urvashi shared many videos with the fans after the match. In a video, Pakistani bowler Naseem Shah is also seen smiling looking at him. As soon as the fans saw this video, the discussion of seeing the two together started. However, now both have made it clear that they have no information about this.

Urvashi in constant discussion after controversies with Rishabh Pant
Let us tell you that Urvashi Rautela constantly remains in the media headlines. In the past, Urvashi remained in the discussion about one of her statements regarding Rishabh Pant. Actually Urvashi Rautela had said in the past that Rishabh Pant made several calls to her and asked to meet, but due to shooting in Varanasi, she could not pick up the phone.

After this statement of Urvashi, Rishabh Pant also gave his reaction. Pant, while replying to Urvashi’s statement on the post on Instagram, said that it is funny how people lie for popularity. At the same time, Urvashi had also responded to Pant’s statement and said, ‘Chhotu Bhaiya (Rishabh Pant) should play cricket and not divert his attention elsewhere’.

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