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Palmistry: The nails of your hand say a lot, in them is the secret of life


The shape of the fingers reveals many secrets related to personality.
The shape of the nails also reflects the character of the person.

Palmistry: In palmistry, the lines of the hands are considered important, on the basis of which palmists tell about the future of the person. But in palmistry, not only the lines of the hand, the shape of the hands, fingers and nails also tell a lot about the character and health of the person. Today we are telling you about the nails present in the form of pieces of cartilage in the form of finger armor, in whose shape and signs the important secrets of life are hidden.

Better soft, smooth and pink nails
According to palmistry, it is considered good to have soft, smooth and pink nails. According to palmist Prakash Dixit, it is a sign of a healthy person. Whereas long and thin nails indicate physical weakness. Apart from this, if the nails are bent or with stripes, then the lungs of such a person are weak.

Long and heavy nails express cruelty and lack of sympathy. At the same time, long nails for freckles of blue color indicate the defect of blood flow. Short nails are a symbol of active intellect, so colorless is a sign of crooked mind. Short square nails indicate the risk of heart disease, triangular paralysis and extremely narrow and bent nails indicate the possibility of diseases in the spinal cord

Beware of nail chewers
Palmist Prakash Dixit According to this, people who have the habit of chewing their nails with their teeth should be cautious. They are mentally unstable, anxious and easily swayed. Can’t even believe them. Apart from this, sometimes some signs are born on the nail for a short time, which also indicate a lot. In these, black spots symbolize worry and sadness and white spots create frustration in relationships.

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White spot on thumb nail indicates successful relationship and black spot indicates crime. White spot on index finger indicates profit and black spot loss and white mark on middle finger indicates possible travel and black mark shows any apprehension. The white sign on the fingernail of the ring finger indicates respect and wealth and the black sign is a sign of slander.

Similarly, the black spot on the junior is a symbol of commercial success and the white spot is a symbol of success. The reason for the white marks on the nails is neurological weakness and the black marks are a sign of impure blood flow. The presence of moon at the base of the nail indicates strong blood flow and the absence of the opposite effect.

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