Pamela Chopra suspected Yash Chopra’s ‘friendship’ with this actress, asked the director’s friend- ‘What is going on between the two?’

Yash Chopra, who is called the king of love stories on screen, is the name of Bollywood, who has taken the Hindi film industry to new heights. Directors and producers still consider him as their ideal. Producer-director Yash Chopra, who started a new era of romantic films in Bollywood, also fell in love once upon a time. His wife and very brilliant singer Pamela Chopra is also aware of this special friendship of her husband, about which she herself had disclosed once.

In the 60s and 70s, an actress has ruled crores of hearts. She used to make everyone crazy about her with her style, acting and her little smile. Director Yash Chopra had a special friendship with this actress. Pamela Chopra was suspicious of her husband’s ‘friendship’ with the actress, for which Pamela had asked a friend of the director about their relationship.

Yash Chopra was in love with the actress
Along with films, Yash Chopra was also in discussion about his personal life. Veteran actress Mumtaz was a special friend of the director. However, the news of their friendship was also known to the director’s wife Pamela Chopra, about whom she talked in an interview. The stories of Yash and Mumtaz are very famous in Bollywood corridors. If media reports are to be believed, both were deeply in love with each other and were about to get married.

When Pamela Chopra suspected her husband
Pamela Chopra told that the news of his relationship with the actress was before his marriage. There were many types of gossips before their marriage. There was a gossip that he was very serious with some heroine and both were on the verge of getting married. Pamela had told that this news came so much that she once asked Yash’s friend Romesh, ‘What is going on between Yash and Mumtaz?’ Hearing this question, Romesh replied, ‘Both were good friends, nothing more.’ However, Pamela was not satisfied with this answer and immediately said that it is not true! They are not just ‘good friends’.

Yash Chopra and Pamela first met on the Star Cricket show in Delhi. Photo courtesy- @bollywoodtriviapc/Instagram

Loved Mumtaz since 1969, married Pamela in 1970
In 1969, Mumtaz and Yash worked together in the film ‘Aadmi Aur Insaan’. According to media reports, the matter of marriage of both had reached home. Yash Chopra’s brother BR Chopra also went to her house to ask for her hand, but the family members of the actress refused. After this, in 1970, Yash married Pamela. A year after Yash’s marriage, Mumtaz also got married and left the film world.

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