Parineeti Chopra fell in love with love, AAP MP gave her heart! Discussions in full swing after dinner date

The relation of political corridors with Bollywood is not new. Some became actors and leaders, and sometimes some fell in love with others. Recently, Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar also married Samajwadi Party leader Fahad Ahmed. Now there is news that something is going on between another Bollywood actress and an MP, which they haven’t made official yet. This actress does not stay in discussions about her personal life at all and she has a very close relationship with global star Priyanka Chopra. You must have understood the hint… Yes, we are talking about actress Parineeti Chopra.

There is a lot of discussion these days about the love life of Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra, because her name has been associated with an Aam Aadmi Party MP. This MP is none other than Raghav Chadha, whose pictures are becoming increasingly viral on social media.

There was noise in the corridors of B-Town
Seeing the pictures of both of them together, the fans are now wondering whether Parineeti Chopra has fallen in love with love. Seeing the pictures of both together, noise has started in the corridors of B-Town whether it is love or just a casual meeting.

What is going on between Parineeti and Raghav?
Pictures of common man MP from Punjab Raghav Chadha and actress Parineeti Chopra are going viral on social media. Both have been spotted together outside a restaurant in Mumbai. Seeing both together on social media, there are discussions that they had reached the restaurant for a dinner date. As soon as these pictures surfaced, social media users are speculating that some love potion is cooking between Parineeti and Raghav Chadda.

Both wore same color clothes on dinner date
Both Raghav Chadha and Parineeti wore white T-shirts for this meeting. Wearing color-coordinated clothes of both of them is also creating doubt among the people. However, so far no official information has come from both of these reports.

There is a UK connection between the two
You must be wondering how the two would have come in contact with each other? So tell you that there is a UK connection between Raghav and Parineeti. Both have studied in Britain. Now it may happen that both already know each other and are just good friends.

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