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Pastors and nuns watch obscene and dirty movies; Pope Francis warns, read full story

Rome. The biggest religious leader of Christians has warned the priests and nuns. He said be careful, the evil one is coming from that path. Pope Francis has admitted for the first time that nuns and pastors watch porn videos online. In view of this, Pope Francis has issued a warning in open words, advising to be careful. While speaking at the seminary, Pope Francis expressed concern over this problem and called all kinds of porn videos a threat.

In a direct message to the priests and nuns, Pope Francis said, ‘My dear brothers and sisters, be careful about this (pornographic video).’ Addressing the seminary in Rome, Pope Francis admitted that pastors and nuns watch porn videos online. He said that this is an evil, due to which many people are suffering. In this, along with ordinary men and women, clergy and nuns are also affected by it. Pope Francis further said that he is not only talking about criminal porn videos, but also talking about what has become a bit common now.

Let us tell you that Catholic priests and nuns are prohibited from watching porn videos. Let us tell you that the issue of porn videos in the church has come to the fore many times. There has been a lot of controversy over this. This matter has made headlines many times at the international level. This is the first case when Pope Francis has openly put forth his stand regarding pornographic videos. The Pope’s statement could have far-reaching implications.

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