Pathan is making a splash in foreign countries too, will earn worldwide on the second day

Shahrukh Khan’s ‘kingdom’ has once again been established in the world of cinema. His film ‘Pathan’ is making a splash at the box office not only in the country but also abroad. ‘Pathan’, which earned 106 crores worldwide on the opening day, has earned a bumper of 113.60 crores on Thursday on the second day. In this way, in two days, the film has collected a worldwide collection of Rs 219.60 crore. This is the highest grossing record of any Bollywood film so far. Due to the National Holiday on 26th January, the earning of ‘Pathan’ has touched a new sky in the country too. Directed by Siddharth Anand, the film collected a total of Rs 70.50 crore on its second day of release in the country.

Pathan Worldwide Collection Day 2: ‘Pathan’ has grossed Rs 69.15 crore in the overseas market in two days. While the gross collection of the film in the country is Rs 150.45 crore. In this way the worldwide gross collection in two days is Rs 219.60 crore. Like India, the craze of Shah Rukh Khan’s fans is worth seeing in foreign countries too, especially in North America, Gulf countries, New Zealand and Australia.

127.50 crores in the country on both the days

At the Indian box office, Pathan in Hindi collected Rs 68 crore on Thursday, while the Telugu and Tamil versions collected Rs 2.50 crore. On the opening day, the film collected Rs 55 crore in Hindi and Rs 2 crore in Telugu-Tamil. In this way, in two days, this high-octane action film has collected Rs 127.50 crore in the country. Out of this only Hindi has earned Rs 123 crore.

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There was no holiday abroad on Thursday, then the earnings did not fall

In most of the foreign markets outside the country, there was apprehension that the film’s earnings would decline on Thursday after its release on Wednesday. But the fans of Shahrukh Khan did not let this happen. Now as soon as the weekend starts on Friday, the collection in the evening shows is set to increase. With this, there is going to be a big jump in the earnings of ‘Pathan’ in the overseas market again on Saturday and Sunday, because many shows of the weekend are already housefull.

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Foreign Craze for Salman and Shahrukh

In foreign countries, most of the earnings of ‘Pathan’ are coming from North America and Gulf countries. If Friday and Saturday numbers are huge in these countries, then by Sunday the film’s earnings will skyrocket. It is well known that Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are the most popular Bollywood actors abroad at present. Due to Salman Khan’s cameo in ‘Pathan’, there is a craze among the fans of both the actors about the film.

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…then ‘Pathan’ will earn 400 crores in the first weekend

The budget of ‘Pathan’ is Rs 250 crore. The way earning is being done. It is certain that on Friday the film will exceed its budget worldwide. Due to its release on Wednesday, ‘Pathan’ has got a weekend of 5 days. The film released on 5500 screens in India and 2500 screens overseas. Earlier it was estimated that in the first weekend of 5 days, this film would touch the figure of 300 crores worldwide, but now the speed with which it is earning in the country and abroad, this film can also touch the figure of 400 crores worldwide in its first weekend. .

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